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Statistical Physics Interactive Examples in Python



Professor Bart. W. Hoogenboom

  • Luke K. Davis (@patherlkd)
  • Lorenzo Braccini
  • Livia Maskos
  • Adrien Claret-Tournier

How to use this repository

Running the examples

  1. Click on the Launch Binder button at the top of this README.

  2. Wait for the remote server to build the repo (can take a few moments), which will start a new window with the remote jupyter notebook directory.

  3. Click on a jupyter notebook of your choice.

  4. Click Cell and then Run All (Unless other running instructions specified).

Notes: Different cells take time to run, if on the left side of the notebook you see In[] (empty) it has not run yet. If you see In[*] it is currently running. If you see In[<number>] it has been executed (number relates to the order of its execution e.g. = 1st to tun).

Using the code

  • Either clone/fork this repository.

  • Download individual coding files.

Issues and course content

Please contact the lead/ raise an issue on the repository.

For the implementers (that have been granted push access):

Github commands (assuming UNIX (linux/Mac OS) terminal):

  • To clone current version onto you local machine:
<terminal>$ git clone
  • To update your local copy with updated remote changes:
<terminal>$ git pull origin master
  • To remove a file (please take care when doing this):
<terminal>$ rm <file>
<terminal>$ git add .
<terminal>$ git commit -m "Removed <file>"
<terminal>$ git push origin master
  • To add or change a file:
<terminal>$ jupyter notebook

Then add or change your code to the notebook and save to a sensible filename = <file>. If you are updating an existing notebook, save it to the same filename.

<terminal>$ git add <file>
<terminal>$ git commit -m "Added <file>".
<terminal>$ git push origin master

You can also upload files on the github page itself ( Add file).

  • If you encounter merge issues, please contact Luke Davis (via Slack/email/github).


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