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A toolkit of support libraries and RubyMotion Core extensions

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Active Support for RubyMotion aka MotionSupport

There is alot of active support stuff that you just dont need in the motion rubyverse however there are extension that are more then useful.

Remember there is no require in motion land;

There is a dependency on bubblewrap at present as this is using their loader.

Code credit will goes to whomever did the original active support code; this is just me moving it so it plays nice in RubyMotion;


gem install motion_support


In your Rakefile

require 'motion_support'

Note this will not include any motion support you must say you want all
if thats what you want

The idea is that you can choose from a multiple modules so that you can easily choose which parts are included at compile-time.

require 'motion_support/all'

If you wish to only include the concern

require 'motion_support/concern'


Do you have a suggestions? Feel free to open an issue/ticket and tell us about what you are after. If you have a helper you are using and are thinking that others might enjoy, please send a pull request (with tests if possible).

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