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Using Ruby and Capistrano v2, deploy a static website to an Amazon S3 website bucket.

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Enables static websites deployment to Amazon S3 website buckets using Capistrano.

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Hosting your website with Amazon S3

Amazon S3 provides special websites enabled buckets that allows you to serve web pages from S3.

To learn how to setup your website bucket, see Amazon Documentation.

Getting started

# Gemfile
source ''
gem 'capistrano-s3'


Install gems with bundle, init capistrano & create your public folder that will be published :

bundle install
bundle exec capify .
mkdir public

Deploy configuration

Replace deploy.rb content generated by capify with these simple Amazon S3 configurations :

# config/deploy.rb
require 'capistrano/s3'

set :bucket, ""
set :access_key_id, "CHANGETHIS"
set :secret_access_key, "CHANGETHIS"


Add content to your public folder and run cap deploy.

If you want to deploy to multiple buckets, have a look at Capistrano multistage and configure a bucket per stage configuration.

Advanced options

Custom endpoint

If your bucket is not in the default US Standard region, set endpoint with :

set :s3_endpoint, ''

Write options

capistrano-s3 sets files :content_type and :acl to :public_read, add or override with :

set :bucket_write_options, {
    cache_control: "max-age=94608000, public"

See aws-sdk S3Client.put_object doc for all available options.


Use :redirect_options to natively redirect (via HTTP 301 status code) any hosted page. For example:

set :redirect_options, {
  'index.html' => '',
  'another.html' => '/test.html',

Valid redirect destination should either start with http or https scheme, or begin with leading slash /.

Example of usage

Our Ruby stack for static websites :

  • sinatra : awesome simple ruby web framework
  • sinatra-assetpack : deals with assets management, build static files into public/
  • sinatra-export : exports all sinatra routes into public/ as html or other common formats (json, csv, etc)

Mixing it in a capistrano task :

# config/deploy.rb
before 'deploy' do
  run_locally "bundle exec ruby sinatra:export"
  run_locally "bundle exec rake assetpack:build"

See our boilerplate sinatra-static-bp for an example of the complete setup.


See for more details on contributing and running test.



capistrano-s3 is maintained and funded by hooktstudios

Thanks & credits also to all other contributors.

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