A monolithic perl script to interrogate an ADSL router (via curl)
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adsl-status - Julius Roberts (hooliowobbits@gmail.com)

Copyright 2009, 2012 by Julius Roberts Some rights reserved. See COPYING

A monolithic perl script to interrogate an ADSL router (via curl). Writes back to MySQL and reports averages/peaks etc. I'm using an Eagle Networks Digital Link DL710 ADSL2+ router It won't work for yours unless you change the router url, password and whatnot

ABOUT: connect to our ADSL router with curl and pull down the connection stats strip out the html etc and make the data into nice perl variables pull max uptime, maxspeed, average speed from sql detect adsl reset events (current_uptime < previous_uptime) compare current stats with maximum stats from SQL to alert if we have a new record! squirt all the newly gathered data into mysql finally print out some useful stats plus: if run with --reset connect to our ADSL router with curl and reset the adsl connection if run with --log show the last 5 rows, or if --log X, show the last X rows. if run with --verbose run as per --log plus some more detailed info on speed etc. if run with --debug then output lots of intermediary debug crap blah etc

$ ./adsl-status.sh --help usage: adsl.sync[.dev].sh [--verbose|--silent|--help|--debug] | [--reset]

$ ./adsl-status.sh --verbose verbose, adsl: clean_text_split = Annex Type ADSL2 -- Upstream 967600 -- Downstream 5374560 -- Elaspsed Time 16 day 19 hr 21 min 11 sec

verbose, adsl: adsl_annex_type = ADSL2 verbose, adsl: connection_uptime_in_seconds = 1452071 verbose, adsl: down_bits_per_second / up_bits_per_second (bps) = 5374560/967600 verbose, adsl: down_kilobits_per_second / up_kilobits_per_second (kbs) = 5375/968 verbose, adsl: down_megabits_per_second / up_megabits_per_second (mbs) ~ 5.5/1 verbose, adsl: down_kilobytes_per_second / up_kilobytes_per_second (KB/s) ~ 657/119

verbose, mysql: average_down_KBs = 662 verbose, mysql: max_down_KBs = 747 verbose, mysql: max_uptime_in_seconds = 5360432 verbose, mysql: avg_uptime_in_mins = 8390 verbose, mysql: previous_KBs = 657 verbose, mysql: rounding_threshold = 0.9 verbose, mysql: rounded_average_down_KBs=595.8 verbose, mysql: rounded_avg_uptime_in_mins=7551 verbose, mysql: record_count=27086

ADSL2 synced @~ 657KB/s (avg 662, max 747). Up 24202 mins (avg 8390, max 89341); 16 day 19 hr 21 min 11 sec.