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Silverlight & EmguCV Face Recognition
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Silverlight & Face Recognition

This projects demonstrates how to create a face recognition application using Silverlight, EmguCV. Since the version 4 Silverlight allows usage of WebCam in web applications. This applications uses the Silverlight Web cam features to acquire the images. EmguCV is a managed wrapper for OpenCV library. OpenCV is image processing library which contains several algorithms for image treatment.

This applications demostrates how to perform Face Recognition using the Eigenfaces algorithm (PCA - Principal Component Analysis) which is part of the OpenCV library. The face detection is done using Haarcascade algorithm.

The web application exposes a web service which accepts the image either for recognition or storage of the file in the database. When the service is invoked for the recognition, a "distance" is computed between all the images in the database and the given image, and the closest match is returned.

More information is available at these blogs:

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