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Yet another awesome web extension for switching search engines, can also search anything (selection text / image / link / find in page) on any engine with a simple right click or a variety of menus and shortcuts. Build with React & Material-UI. (WIP). 搜索酱/搜尋醬



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star react-version materialUI-version license FontAwesome support

Just a personal work, maybe not suit you.

  • Build with React.js
  • UI: Material-UI
  • Icons: FontAwesome



Install via Chrome web store Install via Firefox addons Install via Greasyfork

Config page



You can also download the source code, double-click start.cmd to compile, then enter the config page through localhost:3000

亦可下載源碼到本地后雙擊 start.cmd ,透過 npm 編譯后訪問 localhost:3000 進入配置


  • Fully open source without any privacy collection, spam or third-party libraries.


  • Search for pictures, links, videos, audios, pages, etc. (long press the right mouse on the corresponding object)


  • Support word search on any page (need to long press the right mouse, you can also change to swipe to call out immediately in the settings)


  • Support search by site


  • Shortcut keys (single key or key combination) to start search (such as alt+g Google search, which can be customized at will)

    可隨意使用快捷鍵(單個按鍵或者組合按鍵)開啟搜尋(比如 alt+g 谷歌搜尋,可隨意自定義)

  • Right-click the category icon to open the sites in batches


  • Hold shift + left click on category icon to open batches in new window

    按住 shift 左鍵單擊類別圖標在新窗口批量打開

  • Hold ctrl + left click on category icon to open in background TAB

    按住 ctrl 左鍵單擊類別圖標以後臺標籤頁批量打開

  • Hold alt + left-click a category icon to batch open multiple separate windows

    按住 alt 左鍵單擊類別圖標以多個單獨窗口批量打開

  • Hold ctrl + shift + left click on category icon to open batches in incognito window

    按住 ctrl + shift 左鍵單擊類別圖標在隱身窗口批量打開

  • Hold alt + shift + left click on category icon to open batches embedding

    按住 alt + shift 左鍵單擊類別圖標批量嵌入打開

  • shift + left click on site icon to open in new window

    按住 shift 左鍵單擊站點以新窗口打開結果頁

  • ctrl + (left click/shortcut/drag) on site icon to open in background TAB

    按住 ctrl (左鍵單擊/快捷鍵/拖拽)站點以後臺標籤頁打開結果頁

  • alt + (left click/shortcut/drag) on site icon to preview in small window

    按住 alt (左鍵單擊/快捷鍵/拖拽)站點以小窗口預覽結果

  • ctrl + shift + (left click/shortcut/drag) single site/press shortcut key to open in incognito window.

    按住 ctrl + shift (左鍵單擊/快捷鍵/拖拽)站點以隱身窗口打開

  • Call search bar for input words to filter sites by shortcut key when select no words, press enter to search quickly, ctrl + enter to search without lock.


  • Can set the category to be displayed only on the specified site through the regular rule


  • Right click on cute face to hide the toolbar

    右鍵點擊 小萌臉 徹底隱藏工具欄

  • Left click on cute face to open the configuration page

    左鍵點擊 小萌臉 打開配置頁

  • Support open with shortcut key, right click on the logo to close

    可隨意拖拽 小萌臉,並隨意選擇位置放置,例如上中,下中,左上,右上,上左,上右等

  • Support configuration export and quick sharing


  • Support middle button to open links in the background


  • Support custom css


  • Support full character encoding


  • Support Post, in-page post and non-jump post

    支援 Post、頁內 post 以及無跳轉 post

  • Comprehensive customization


  • No 3rd party dependencies


  • Self-expand current category


  • No tamper with the original page


  • Drag to search with current category



config findInPage etc

Search params

param details 詳述
%s search keyword 🗒️ 搜尋關鍵詞
%S cached search keyword 🗒️ 最近一次的搜尋關鍵詞
%sl search keyword with lower case letters 🗒️ 小寫字母搜尋詞
%su search keyword with upper case letters 🗒️ 大寫字母搜尋詞
%u current website url 🗒️ 當前網站 url
%h current website host 🗒️ 當前網站 host
%t target src 🗒️ 指向對象的 src
%i base64 of target image 🗒️ 指向圖片的 base64
%s.replace replace keywords with regexp, like %sr.replace(/[^\d]/g, "").replace(/(\d)/g, "$1 ") means replace raw keywords to numbers and then join all numbers with space, support %s %sl %sr %su %t %u 🗒️ 用正則替換搜尋關鍵詞,例如 %sr.replace(/[^\d]/g, "").replace(/(\d)/g, "$1 ") 代表提取原始關鍵詞中所有數字,並以空格分隔,支援 %s %sl %sr %su %t %u
%p{params} post body, like %p{x=1&y=%s} 🗒️ post 參數體,例如 %p{x=1&y=%s}
%P{params} post without navigation 🗒️ post 但不跳轉
%input{tips} input something, like %input{love who?,you} 🗒️ 輸入占位,例如%input{請輸入您的三圍,90 55 90}
#p{params} post in page, like #p{#input=%u&sleep(500)&click(.submit)}, means: input current url to "#input", then wait for 500ms, then click ".submit". use \& \= instead of & = in content 🗒️ 頁内 post,可在頁面之内使用【css選擇器】填寫參數提交查詢,適用於不開放GET/POST接口的網站,例如 #p{#input=%u&sleep(500)&click(.submit)}, 代表在"#input"内輸入指定url,然後等待500毫秒,最後點擊".submit"。可在内容中使用 \& \= 來 表示 & =
["siteName1","siteName2"] batch open by site name you've created 🗒️ 透過你已經創建的站點名批量打開,例如 ["雅虎搜尋","谷歌搜尋"]
%element{} query element for innerText from selector or xpath, like %element{.mainTitle} 🗒️ 透過 css 選擇器或 xpath 抓取元素並返回文字内容,例如 %element{.mainTitle}
%element{}.prop() return prop value for queried element, like %element{.mainTitle}.prop(href) %element{.mainTitle}.prop(innerHTML) 🗒️ 獲取抓取到元素的屬性值,例如 %element{.mainTitle}.prop(href) %element{.mainTitle}.prop(innerHTML)
%element{}.replace() replace, same as above, like %element{.mainTitle}.prop(href).replace(/https/i,"") 🗒️ 正則替換,例如 %element{.mainTitle}.prop(href).replace(/https/i,"")

PopClip extension for SearchJumper

#popclip extension for SearchJumper
name: SearchJumper
icon: search filled S

Select the above text, PopClip will offer an "Install Extension" action. Click it.

  • means search keywords with search engine named someengine and open in new tab.
  • means search keywords with search engine named someengine and open in current tab.

Search engine examples 搜尋引擎規則範例

  • Open link in the text, display only when a link is detected 打開文字中的鏈接,僅當檢測到鏈接時顯示
  "name": "打開文字中的鏈接",
  "url": "%sr.replace(/(点|。)/g,\".\").replace(/[^\\s\\w\\-_\\.~!\\*';:@&=\\+\\$,\\/\\?#\\[\\]%]/g,\"\").replace(/https:\\/\\/pan\\.baidu\\.com\\/s\\//,\"\").replace(/.*([\\s::]|^)(1[a-z_0-9]{22,})[\\s\\S]*?\\b([a-z0-9]{4}\\b|$).*/i,\"$2?pwd=$3\").replace(/ /g,\"\").replace(/^/,\"http://\").replace(/^http:\\/\\/(https?:)/,\"$1\")",
  "kwFilter": "\\w.*[\\.点。].*\\w|1[a-zA-Z0-9]{22,}"
  • Automatically send target text to other device like mobile phone 自動發送選中文字到手機
  "name": "發送到手機",
  "url": "{wait(x-peer)&call(document.querySelector('x-peer').dispatchEvent(new Event('contextmenu')))&#textInput=%s&click(#textInput+div>button)}"
  • Split by line and paste into the current input box in order 按行分割後依次粘貼到當前輸入框
  "name": "⌨️ 按行輸入",
  "url": "#p{@=%s[]}"
  • Currency conversion / USD to RMB, show tips when the mouse is hovering
  "name": "💲USD to RMB",
  "url": "showTips: \n{name}<br/><i>%s USD = {json.result|*%s.replace(/\\D/,'')} RMB</i>",
  "kwFilter": "\\d\\$|\\$\\d"
  • Currency conversion of various countries 各國貨幣轉換 javascript is effective only at userscript
  "name": "貨幣轉換",
  "url": "javascript:fetch(`{From currency/US Dollar/Euro/Japanese Yen/China Yuan,USD/EUR/JPY/CNY}&to=%input{Target currency/US Dollar/Euro/Japanese Yen/China Yuan,USD/EUR/JPY/CNY}&amount=%sr.replace(/\\D/g,\"\")`).then(r=>r.json()).then(r=>prompt(`${} Exchange rate by the European Central Bank\\n${r.query.amount.toLocaleString()} ${r.query.from} =`,`${r.result.toLocaleString()} ${}`)).catch(alert);"
  • Miles to kilometers and show in tips 英里轉公里並顯示為 tips
  "name": "📏 英里轉公里",
  "url": "showTips:let s=\"%sr\".match(/(\\d+)(英里|英?哩|mi(le)?)/)[1];let km=(s*1.609344).toFixed(2);return `<i>${s} mi = ${km} km</i>`;",
  "kwFilter": "\\d+\\s*(英里|英?哩|mi(le)?\\b)"
  • Preview Japan AV 框選番號預覽AV such as ABW-345
  "name": "💞 AV預覽",
  "url": "showTips:^(\\w+?)[\\-_]?(\\d+)$/,\"$1-$2\") \n<span style='font-size:22px;line-height:1.2;'>{h3}</span>\n<p style=\"margin: 0; font-size: 18px; font-weight: normal;\">{.info>p:nth-child(2)}</p>\n<p style=\"margin: 0; font-size: 18px; font-weight: normal;\">{.info>p:nth-child(6)}</p>\n<p style=\"margin: 0;\">{.genre a|<mark style=\"white-space: nowrap;margin: 5px; font-size: 16px; border-radius: 5px; padding: 2px; box-shadow: 0px 0px 10px 0px #000;\">()</mark>}</p>\n<img src='{a.bigImage>img|src}' referrerpolicy='no-referrer'/>",
  "kwFilter": "^[0-9a-zA-Z]+[\\-_]?\\d+$"
  • Show Romaji of japanese 顯示日語對應羅馬音/羅馬字
  "name": "🗻 日語羅馬字",
  "url": "showTips:\n<h3>{name}</h3>\n{json.sentences.0.trans}\n<br>\n<font color='yellow'>{json.sentences.1.src_translit}</font>"

Add search engines quickly 快速添加搜尋引擎

  • Add with shortcut key on current page 透過快捷鍵快速在當前頁面添加

Click search input box with ctrl + shift 按住 ctrl + shift 點擊當前頁面中的搜尋輸入框即可

  • Search on and add 在 mycroftproject 上搜尋別人編輯好的站點並點擊導入

Click the searchJumper face icon in sites list on mycroftproject 點擊 mycroftproject 上站點列表裏的搜尋醬圖標即可

Auto highlight rule examples 自動高亮詞規則範例

Highlight all avID on t66y 在草榴上高亮番號

    "/^https://t66y\\.com/htm_data//i": {
        "sep": "#",
        "words": [
            "/([a-z]\\w+\\-?|\\d{5,}\\-)\\d{2,}/i$s{unset;border-radius:unset;border-bottom:5px dotted red;}$t{@popup}"
  • Effect on the site matched RegExp ^https://t66y\\.com/htm_data/ with case ignore

匹配到草榴網址的正則 ^https://t66y\\.com/htm_data/ 后生效,不區分大小寫

  • Split by "#" as there is space in the keyWords under


  • Search words according to the regular pattern at first, then add style "background:unset;border-bottom:5px dotted red;" to the highlighted words, finally add the feature of hovering the mouse to pop up the search box

首先根據正則 "[0-9a-zA-Z]+\-\d+" 查找番號,然後為高亮詞添加 style "background:unset;border-bottom:5px dotted red;",最後添加鼠標懸浮彈出搜索彈框的特性

Hide user by target id on 在某個網站上根據給定的用戶名或者用戶 ID 屏蔽元素

    "@someUserID": "/12345|54321/l",
    "@someUserName": "/jack|adam|rose/i",
    "/^https://xxxx\\.com/yyyy//i": {
        "sep": "|",
        "words": [
  • Effect on the site matched RegExp ^https://xxxx\\.com/yyyy/ with case ignore

網址匹配到正則 ^https://xxxx\\.com/yyyy/ 后生效,不區分大小寫

  • Split by "|"


  • Search links by @someUserID to hide (l after RegExp means link), and search words by @someUserName to hide.

查找設定在模板 @someUserID 中的用戶 ID (正則后的 l 代表篩選連結),然後隱藏連結中含有此 ID 的元素,同時查找設定在模板 @someUserName 中的用戶名並隱藏元素

Filter engines to search 篩選引擎並搜尋

  • Call by global shortcut key, Input keywords of site name to filter sites, support glob with "? *" 透過全局快捷鍵喚出,輸入站點名稱的關鍵詞來篩選,支援 “? *” 通配符
  • Enter to lock filter and input words to search by click icon or another press of enter 回車鎖定篩選,輸入文字并且點擊站點圖標或者再次回車來進行搜尋


Call SearchJumper by event 透過鼠標手勢調用搜尋醬

  • Search by site name 以站點名調用搜尋
// search by google
const siteName = 'Google search';
const searchJumperEvent = new CustomEvent('searchJumper', {
  detail: {
    action: 'search',
    name: siteName
  • Show search bar 顯示搜尋條
const searchJumperEvent = new CustomEvent('searchJumper', {
  detail: {
    action: 'show'
  • Show All-mode 顯示所有模式
const searchJumperEvent = new CustomEvent('searchJumper', {
  detail: {
    action: 'showAll'
  • Search by second site of current type and open in new window 使用當前分組的第二個站點搜尋並在小窗打開結果
const siteOrder = 2;
let currentSite = document.querySelector(`.search-jumper-type:not(.search-jumper-hide)>a:nth-of-type(${siteOrder})`);
if (currentSite) {
  const searchJumperEvent = new CustomEvent('searchJumper', {
    detail: {
      action: 'search',
      key: {altKey:true}
  • Search by site of current type in background tab 使用當前分組的站點搜尋並在後臺標籤頁打開結果
const searchJumperEvent = new CustomEvent('searchJumper', {
  detail: {
    action: 'search',
    key: {ctrlKey:true}
  • Search by second site of current type in incognito tab 使用當前分組的第二個站點搜尋並在隱身標籤頁打開結果
const siteOrder = 2;
const searchJumperEvent = new CustomEvent('searchJumper', {
  detail: {
    action: 'search',
    index: siteOrder,
    key: {ctrlKey:true, altKey:true}

Download all video with lux 使用 LUX 下載全網視頻


Step by step of One-click video download configuration
  • Download Lux
  • Download ffmpeg
  • Add site under group which "Effect on page" on your SearchJumper
  • Click "Call local application" under "Edit site"
  • Input command like "D:\Program Files\lux\lux.exe" %u, then submit.
  • Open and import the reg file.
  • Right click with ctrl key, click Lux.
  • 下載BBDown
  • 下載ffmpeg,解壓並且複制\bin\ffmpeg.exe
  • 將BBDown.exe 與 ffmpeg.exe 放置於同一文件夾,記錄該路徑,例如 D:\Program Files\BBDown
  • 在你的搜尋醬“當前網頁”分類新增站點
  • 點擊“編輯站點”最下方的“添加自定義本地應用調用”
  • 調用命令處填入"D:\Program Files\BBDown\BBDown.exe" %u -tv,點擊生成註冊表補丁
  • 此時會自動生成註冊表補丁,點擊導入,並且保存編輯站點
  • 在 bilibili 視頻播放頁面按住 ctrl 點擊右鍵,點擊BBDown即可下載
  • 其他視頻下載工具(例如lux、you-get、yt-dlp等)同理,可自行編輯。

Registry patch to call lux by SearchJumper 搜尋醬調用本地程式的注冊表補丁

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="URL:lux Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""




@="cmd /c set m=%1 & call set m=%%m:lux://=%% & d: & cd \"D:\\Program Files\\lux\" & call lux.exe %%m%% & pause"

Modify path by yourself 自行修改補丁中的目錄,保存爲 lux.reg,雙擊導入注冊表。

Open the page of video and download with lux://%u 完畢之後即可新建站點使用 lux://%u 調用 lux 下載當前網頁視頻

Sync by webdav 透過 webdav 同步引擎配置與高亮規則

  • webdav 伺服器需要支援自設 cors
  • 也可以自己架設 webdav 伺服器,方法如下
    • 下載 webdav server
    • 創建配置文件 config.yml,內容如下:
address: 伺服器地址
port: 伺服器端口
  enabled: true
  credentials: true
    - '*'
    - '*'
    - Content-Length
    - Content-Range
  - username: 用戶名
    password: 密碼
    scope: webdav 同步文件夾路徑
    modify: true

Batch open modes 多種批量打開方式

  • shift + click category icon i

  • alt + shift + click category icon i

  • alt + click category icon i