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Legacy scripts to install and configure Hoover
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Scripts to install and configure Hoover

Getting started

This magic script will create a folder (named hoover by default) and install components in it:

  • Clones of the search, snoop2 and ui repos
  • Virtualenvs and Python dependencies for search and snoop2
  • npm dependencies for ui
python3.5 <(curl -sL

To run the servers, start these two daemons from a daemon manager like supervisor:

bin/hoover webserver snoop2 --host=localhost --port=9000
bin/hoover webserver search --host=localhost --port=8000

Later, if you want to upgrade to the latest version:

bin/hoover update
bin/hoover upgrade

Environment variables

The following environment variables are used to specify different arguments for the setup:

Name Explanation Default
HOOVER_HOME The path where Hoover is installed. pwd() / hoover
HOOVER_VIRTUALENV_URL The source of the virtualenv package.
HOOVER_SETUPTOOLS_URL The source of the setuptools package.
HOOVER_PIP_URL The source of the pip package.
HOOVER_SEARCH_DB The postgres database that search uses. hoover-search
HOOVER_SNOOP2_DB The postgresql database that snoop2 uses. hoover-snoop2
HOOVER_SNOOP2_BLOBS Path to blob storage for snoop2.
HOOVER_ES_URL The elasticsearch URL that will be used. localhost:9200
HOOVER_SNOOP2_TIKA_URL The Apache Tika URL that will be used by snoop2. localhost:9998
HOOVER_SETUP_REPO The git repo from where the setup repo is cloned.
HOOVER_SETUP_BRANCH The branch / version that is checked out for the setup repo. master
HOOVER_SEARCH_REPO The git repo from where the search repo is cloned.
HOOVER_SNOOP2_REPO The git repo from where the snoop2 repo is cloned.
HOOVER_UI_REPO The git repo from where the ui repo is cloned.
HOOVER_BOOTSTRAP_NO_DB Don't assume the databases exist on bootstrap. Run upgrade when they're available. None
HOOVER_OAUTH_LIQUID_URL The URL of the liquid-core OAuth2 provider.
HOOVER_OAUTH_CLIENT_ID The client ID to be used with the liquid-core OAuth2 provider.
HOOVER_OAUTH_CLIENT_SECRET The client secret to be used with the liquid-core OAuth2 provider.
HOOVER_CONFIG_DIR The directory in which the config files are saved. Symlinks are made to the actual files.