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Hopac is a Concurrent ML style concurrent programming library for F#.

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Here is a Bash script to get started:

git clone --recursive
cd Hopac && source .env
./run tests

Note the use of --recursive option above. Or if you didn't, you can later do

git submodule update --init

This project is only used to build our docs. You can skip it if you're just testing Hopac.


The Bash run script provides build automation. You invoke run like any other Bash command:

[VARIABLE=value] ./run [COMMAND]

Multiple commands can be specified. For example,

USE=netcore ./run clean build

performs a clean build using the .NET Core stack.

run variables

  • CONFIGS specifies the configuration(s) to operate on:

    • CONFIGS='Debug Release' is the default to build and run both Debug and Release configs.
    • CONFIGS=Debug to build and run only Debug config.
    • CONFIGS=Release to build and run only Release config.
  • USE specifies the stack, which is auto detected by default, to build and run with:

    • USE=mono to use Mono.
    • USE=net to use .NET Framework (only on Windows).
    • USE=netcore to use .NET Core.

run commands

  • benchmarks runs all benchmarks. This may take a very long time!
  • build builds all the subprojects.
  • clean removes generated files.
  • tests runs tests.
  • repl starts the F# interactive with Hopac libs opened. (Only works with Mono and .NET at the moment.)
  • restore restores dependencies required to build the project. To build from an IDE like Visual Studio or Xamarin, you need to ./run restore manually.
  • generate_docs generates the Reference manual under .gh-pages.

You can run source run.complete to get auto completion of run commands in Bash.


When you've followed the links at the top of this README, and you've read the programming guide, you can use ./run repl as well as the file Hopac.fsx to play around with.

Furthermore, you'll find a large number of examples in (./Examples)[./Examples].

Release / publish

USE=netcore ./run publish