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✏️基于Spring Boot 2.x开发 整合:Spring Boot 2.x/Apache Shiro+JWT/Spring Data JPA+Mybatis+Tk.Mybatis+PageHelper/Redis/Flyway/Swagger/SSO/Thymeleaf 动态权限管理 AES+MD5+盐加解密 代码生成 日志记录 Google验证码登录 单点登录 定时任务 项目地址: 主语言[java]
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Have you been looking for a back-end system that suits you... So, Hope-boot is here now. I don't know why I want to do such a project, perhaps for learning, maybe I have never found a perfect system. Welcome everyone to ask questions, so that I can continue to improve

Based on Spring Boot 2.x development integration: Spring Boot 2.x/Apache Shiro+JWT/Spring Data JPA+Mybatis+Tk.Mybatis+PageHelper/Redis/Flyway/Swagger/SSO/Thymeleaf Dynamic Rights Management AES+MD5+ Salt encryption and decryption Code generation log record Google verification code login single sign-on timed task project address: main language [java]

This is my first open source work, welcome to star. Second open source address:

🇸English | 🇨🇳简体中文 | Update log | current version🏷0.0.4

Module division

Module Interpretation
hope-admin Background management module
hope-core Core business class module
hope-framework Framework module, providing data manipulation, tool processing, generic Mapper, general service, etc.
hope-sso-server Single sign-on-certification center module, support cluster
hope-generator Code generation module - provides sql generated code
hope-flyway Database version management tool module
hope-quartz Timed task module

Instructions for use

# 1.Use the command to pull the code:
    git clone 
# 2.Create a database (name):hope, character set:utf8mb4;(Note: you only need to create the database, the character set is not utf8, but utf8mb4)
# 3.Import the project using IDEA
# 4.Change setting
    A.Open the hope-flyway module and configure the database connection:
              url: Your database address
              username: Your database username
              password: Your database password
    B.Open the hope-admin module, configure the database connection and redis connection:
        a.Database configuration (searchable datasource or locate to L.17)
        b.Redis configuration (search for redis or locate L.29, note: the project must be installed with redis service to start)
# 5.Running the project (database management module)    
    a.Run directly under the hope-flyway directory
    b.Check if the database automatically generates tables and initialized data
# 6.Running project (background management module)
    a.Run directly under the hope-admin
    b.Browser access:
# 7.Run the project (single sign-on module)
    a.Run directly under the hope-sso-server directory
    b.Browser access:
# 8.Running project (code generation module)
    a.Run directly under the hope-generator directory
    b.Browser access: 
# 9.Running project (timed task module)
    a.Run directly under the hope-quartz directory
# 10.Package attention
    a.Packaged directly in the hope-boot directory:mvn clean install That is, the generated jar package is in the target directory under the respective module. run:java -jar Package names
    b.The flyway module does not provide a package plugin, which is mainly used by developers and does not require deployment.

account number

Login in the background: Account: admin Password: 123456

Resource Monitoring: Account: hope-druid Password: hope-druid

Backend API documentation:http://localhost:8886/swagger-ui.html


The birth of Hope-boot is inseparable from the following projects (open source, open source):

  • Spring Boot:Core framework
  • Apache Shiro:Permission framework
  • Redis:Cache framework
  • Thymeleaf:Template engine
  • MyBatis:MyBatis SQL Mapper framework for Java
  • jpa:I don't know why I want to add this.
  • PageHelper:Paging plugin
  • tk.mybatis:Generic Mapper
  • alibaba/druid:Database connection pool
  • alibaba/fastjson:Fast JSON parser/generator for Java
  • Apache Maven:Dependency management
  • shiro-redis:A redis caching tool that can be used by shiro
  • Lombok:Make the code simpler
  • Hutool:A Java toolkit is just a toolkit that helps us simplify every line of code, reduce every method, and make the Java language "sweet"
  • Bootstrap:The most widely used front-end ui framework
  • JQuery:The most widely used JavaScript framework
  • Layer:Popup layer component
  • kaptcha:Google verification code
  • jrebel:Hot deployment
  • swagger:Swagger is the world's most popular API expression tool.
  • flyway:Flyway by Boxfuse • Database Migrations Made Easy.
  • xxl-sso:A distributed single-sign-on framework.
  • xxl-code:A code generator for "controller/service/dao/mybatis/model" layer.
  • quartz:Timed task


Please author to eat a meat folder :) Author blog: don't change the world, we change with the world)WeChat public number: low-key little panda

Follow-up function

  • RESTful APIs Constructed as a front-end separation project
  • Swagger Interface management
  • sso sign in
  • Data permission separation
  • Payment module
  • Timing service
  • Third party authorized login
  • J2Cache Cache
  • Code generation
  • Front end use AntRefactoring

Interface display

The front-end page is temporarily borrowed from [Ruyi], and has obtained the author's consent, thanks to open source. Later, I will take time to reconstruct with [Ant]

Background login


Rights Management - User - Role - Resources

System Tools - Resource Monitoring


My link:

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