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  1. ansible-role-nginx-php ansible-role-nginx-php Public role for ansible to deploy Nginx and PHP (FPM)

    Shell 2

  2. mariadb-dump-backup mariadb-dump-backup Public

    Simple shell scripts made for backing up MariaDB or MySQL databases. Works with Acronis Backup cloud (as pre-script) or in standalone.

    Shell 1

  3. openstack-workload-stress-test openstack-workload-stress-test Public

    Ansible roles made for stress testing an OpenStack Instrastructure with precise workloads : CPU/RAM, disks and Network.

    Shell 1

  4. ansible-role-vhostdeploy-nginx ansible-role-vhostdeploy-nginx Public role for ansible to deploy vhost_deploy script for hoplacloud.nginx_php role


  5. ansible-role-check-mk ansible-role-check-mk Public

    Python 1

  6. ansible-role-apache-php ansible-role-apache-php Public role for ansible to deploy Apache and PHP (FPM)

    Jinja 1


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