Enhancements on original WindowPad (by Lexikos)
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Detailed Documentation can be found here: http://hoppfrosch.github.com/WindowPadX/files/WindowPadX-ahk.html


WindowPadX is an enhancement of WindowPad, originally released by Lexikos (see: http://http://www.autohotkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21703)

WindowPadX is a tool which provides some useful functionality within multi monitor environments.


  • Possible actions to be configured on hotkeys
    • Window actions
      • Multi-Monitor
        • WPXA_MoveWindowToMonitor: Move window between screens, preserving relative position and size.
        • WPXA_MinimizeWindowsOnMonitor: Minimize all windows on the given Screen
        • WPXA_GatherWindowsOnMonitor: "Gather" windows on a specific screen.
        • WPXA_FillVirtualScreen: Expand the window to fill the virtual screen (all monitors).
      • General
        • WPXA_MaximizeToggle: Maximize or restore the window.
        • WPXA_TopToggle: Toogles "AlwaysOnTop" for given window
        • WPXA_RollToggle: Toggles "Roll/Unroll" for given window
        • WPXA_Move: move and resize window based on a "pad" concept.
        • WPXA_TileLast2Windows: Tile active and last window
    • Mouse actions
      • Multi-Monitor
        • WPXA_MoveMouseToMonitor: Moves mouse to center of given monitor
        • WPXA_ClipCursorToCurrentMonitorToggle: Toogles clipping mouse to current monitor
        • WPXA_ClipCursorToMonitor: Clips (Restricts) mouse to given monitor
      • General
        • WPXA_MouseLocator: Easy find the mouse

For more details see http://hoppfrosch.github.com/WindowPadX/files/WindowPadX-ahk.html