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ApertureToAnselExportPlugin Happy New Year!
Dashboard Happy New Year!
agora Indention
ansel Bug: 14028 Fix generating thubnails for keyimages in mobile view.
beatnik Remove reference.
bundles Tweak wording.
chora Update it translation.
components Don't trim the trailing comma after each developer type.
content Happy New Year!
folks Remove reference.
framework Don't try to deleteAll if we know we don't have any objects.
gollem Add example for 'domain' parameter.
hermes Fix client name caching.
hippo Optimize images
horde Bump minimum version
hydra Load .local.php files in Horde::loadConfiguration() and always load
hylax Happy New Year!
iPhoto2Ansel Happy New Year!
imp Add missing certToHTML().
ingo Fix duplicate messages in INBOX.
jonah Update de translation.
klutz Update cs translation.
kolab Happy New Year!
koward Remove reference.
kronolith Enable URL import field too.
luxor Update de translation.
mnemo Synchronize with Kolab backend.
nag Match method signature of parent.
operator Happy New Year!
passwd Update it translation.
pastie Happy New Year!
sam Update it translation.
sesha Update de translation.
shout Happy New Year!
skeleton Happy New Year!
timeobjects Update de translation.
trean Update it translation.
turba Fix Horde_Url usage Bug: 14033
ulaform Update it translation.
vilma Update it translation.
whups Update uk translation.
wicked Update uk translation.
.gitattributes [mms] Add Horde_Mail_Mbox_Parse.
.gitignore Beginnings of a new dev install script.
.htaccess As of now, deny direct access to the repository.
.travis.ini There is no need to add explicitly
.travis.yml Enable PHP 7 builds.
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