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[mjr] Fix some minor issues with crawling bookmarks.
[mjr] Show recently used tags on-demand (Bug #11712).
[jan] Fix fatal errors in portal blocks (Bug #12303).
[jan] Make Horde_Queue a mandatory dependency.
[cjh] Strip utm_ parameters from incoming bookmarks, and provide a script to
strip them from already-saved bookmarks (Request #10751).
[cjh] Implement listTagInfo and searchTags API calls for Trean (Bug #11816).
[cjh] Fix fetching, saving, and display of favicons.
[cjh] Add a list of tags to the sidebar.
[cjh] Crawl all bookmarks when they are saved or edited for fulltext searching
if elasticsearch is available.
[cjh] Turn search off by default (Bug #11701).
[jan] Allow to set custom SQL parameters.
[jan] Move search box to top menu.
[jan] Merge tag browser into bookmark listing.
[mjr] Add tagging support.
[cjh] Remove folders.
[cjh] Remove star ratings.
[jan] Provide default configuration files instead of .dist versions.
[jan] Enable output compression (, Bug #8649).
[cjh] Check folder name as well as id for the pre-selected folder
(Duck <>, Bug #7627).
[jan] Add Turkish translation (METU <>).
[cjh] Add Latvian translation (Janis <>).
[cjh] Support for Firefox plugin that shows Trean bookmarks in the browser
(, Request #2565).
[jan] Add Polish translation (Piotr Adamcio <>).
[cjh] Use YUI Grids CSS to lay out the browse grid, which wrangles IE into
honoring our layout even when the screen is narrow (Bug #5385).
[cjh] Force folder deletion to be a POST request, and add a confirmation
[cjh] Fix adding bookmarks to a new folder (,
Bug #5068).
[cjh] Add RSS feed (Duck <>, Request #1927).
[cjh] Bookmark ratings can now be changed via a dynamic, CSS-based
star rater that saves new ratings but degrades to a real link
without JavaScript.
[cjh] Add blocks for highest-rated and most-clicked bookmarks.
[cjh] Add a preference for how to sort bookmarks (Request #2510).
[cjh] Move bookmarks from DataTree storage to a SQL table.
[cjh] Give Trean its own Share implementation for now as hierarchical
shares are being removed from the main Horde_Share class.
[cjh] Implement iframe-based bookmarklet for bookmarking the current page
without a popup window.
[jan] Add Slovenian translation (Duck <>).
[ben] Rename "categories" to "folders" to avoid confusion with Horde Categories.
[ben] Add a selection box to jump to a categories (simular to IMP's
folder selection).
[ben] New UI, moved away from the category tree.
[jan] Add Dutch translation (Han Spruyt <>).
[ben] Allow creating a new category when adding/editing a bookmark.
[jan] Add permissions to restrict number of categories and bookmarks.
[ben] Extend Block to show most popular links in a share.
[ben] Allow bookmark ranking.
[ben] Use the standard search results interface for the reports drill-down
[ben] Include standard editing controls in the search results screen.
[ben] Show bookmark's parent category in the search results screen.
[ben] Add cron script to check for broken links and retrieve favicons.
[ben] Add Horde_Share support.
[cjh] Fix links to click-tracking script when user has cookies disabled
(Bug #1675).
[cjh] Fix bookmark export (Bug #1672).
[jan] Add Norwegian Bokmaal translation (Odd Marthon Lende
[ben] Use datatree parent/child relationships.
[cjh] Add a preference for how much of the category tree to expand
on initial view (Bug #566).
[cjh] Use DataTree attributes (Ben Chavet <>).
[jan] Add Spanish translation (Manuel Perez Ayala <>).
[cjh] Add a Horde_Block for showing bookmark categories
(Joel Vandal <>).
[jan] Add Finnish translation (Leena Heino <>).
[jan] Add French translation (Raphaël Jeudy <>).
[jan] Add German translation.
[cjh] Bookmarks in search results are now editable/deletable.
[cjh] Add deletion of bookmark categories
(Arne Gellhaus <>).
[cjh] Don't show Add Bookmark links when there are no categories to add to
(Michal <>).
[cjh] Add a preference for opening links in a new window
(Hubert Yeh <>).
[cjh] Searching works again after new categories code.
[cjh] Fully implement editing.
[mac] Don't show My Bookmark category on the add screen (Chris Albertson
[mac] Cleanup the note at the bottom of the add screen (Chris Albertson
[mac] Don't show the New Bookmark link for the root category (Chris Albertson
[jan] Add Traditional Chinese translation (Chih-Wei Yeh
[mac] Update for new categories code (Chris Albertson <>).
[mac] Add Edit and Delete options.
[jan] Add Swedish translation (Andreas Dahlén <>).
[mac] Initial Trean Version.
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