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Fix XSS with data:html links and form actions.

The academically correct way to filter out xlink hrefs should have been to use hasAttributeNS/getAttributeNS with the XLink namespace. But from my testing browsers don't care about that namespace at all, and only use the xlink: prefix. This means that even if you correctly specify a different prefix for the XLink NS, the links won't be detected by the browser. xlink: prefixes OTOH even work without specifying the XLink namespace in the XML document.

Reported By: Liuzhu <>
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yunosh committed Aug 16, 2016
1 parent a55bf75 commit 30d5506c20d26efbb9942fbdc6f981a0bd333b97
@@ -109,11 +109,19 @@ protected function _node($node)
switch (Horde_String::lower($node->tagName)) {
case 'a':
/* Strip out data URLs living in an A HREF element
case 'form':
/* Strip out data URLs living in link-like elements
* (Bug #8715). */
if ($node->hasAttribute('href') &&
preg_match("/\s*data:/i", $node->getAttribute('href'))) {
$remove[] = 'href';
if (Horde_String::lower($node->tagName) == 'form') {
$attributes = array('action');
} else {
$attributes = array('href', 'xlink:href');
foreach ($attributes as $attribute) {
if ($node->hasAttribute($attribute) &&
preg_match("/\s*data:/i", $node->getAttribute($attribute))) {
$remove[] = $attribute;
@@ -139,7 +139,10 @@ public function xssProvider()
array('<body/onload=alert(/xss/)>', ''),
array('<img src=""> <BODY ONLOAD="a();"><SCRIPT>function a(){alert(\'XSS\');}</SCRIPT><"" />', '<img src=""/>'),
array('<img src=\'blank.jpg\'style=\'width:expression(alert("xssed"))\'>', '<img src="blank.jpg"/>'),
array($framedata, '')
array($framedata, ''),
array('<svg><a xlink:href="data:text/html,<script>alert(/XSS/)</script>"><rect width="1000" height="1000" fill="white"/></a></svg>', '<svg><a><rect width="1000" height="1000" fill="white"/></a></svg>'),
array('<math><a xlink:href="data:text/html,<script>alert(/XSS/)</script>">click</a></math>', '<math><a>click</a></math>'),
array('<form action="data:text/html,<script>alert(/XSS/)</script>"><button></form>', '<form><button/></form>'),

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