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Allow turning off maillog synchronization.

Bug: 13747
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mrubinsk committed Dec 10, 2014
1 parent 6387ccb commit 3e7bd2c22cd8db01e79f00da3fce3848f8ddfbb7
Showing with 16 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +3 −1 framework/Core/lib/Horde/Core/ActiveSync/Driver.php
  2. +13 −2 horde/config/conf.xml
@@ -1063,7 +1063,9 @@ public function getServerChanges(
'protocolversion' => $this->_version,
'softdelete' => $soft));
// Poll the maillog for reply/forward state changes.
$folder = $this->_getMaillogChanges($folder, $from_ts);
if (empty($GLOBALS['conf']['activesync']['no_maillogsync'])) {
$folder = $this->_getMaillogChanges($folder, $from_ts);
} catch (Horde_ActiveSync_Exception_StaleState $e) {
throw $e;
@@ -2144,8 +2144,19 @@
<configboolean name="emailsync" desc="Enable Email support?">true
<configswitch name="emailsync" quote="false" desc="Enable Email support?">true
<case name="false" desc="Disabled" />
<case name="true" desc="Enabled">
<configboolean name="no_maillogsync" desc="Disable synchronization of
Reply/Forward state? Normally Horde will attempt to keep ActiveSync
clients updated with the Reply/Forward state and details provided by
a maillog if one is available. Not all clients will display this
information, and for accounts with a large number of folders
containing a large number of messages this may be expensive. If you
are noticing performance issues, especially with Outlook 2013 try
disabling the maillog.">false</configboolean>
<configenum name="version" desc="What is the highest version of EAS that
Horde should support? All versions are backwards compatible so selecting
a higher version also includes support for the lower versions as well. Set

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