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Grooveshark control

With Grooveshark Control you can control Grooveshark from everywhere. Almost
from everywhere. :)

If you have some issue or you want some new feature, please feel free to let
me know on GitHub. Thanks.

This extension is not official extension from Grooveshark developers.

 * Player control
 * Volume control
 * Song control
 * Now playing song
 * Now playing queue
 * Radio
 * Icon status
 * Notification
 * Search in address bar (type GC)
 * Search in context menu
 * And a lot of more

How to install

You can install it from Chrome web store here:

How to develop

Extract it (if source is in archive), then run `make localdev` for preparing
development environment.

By command `make compile` you compile Grooveshark Control and Closure library into
JavaScript. Then you can in Chrome (or Chromium) go to Extension and check
checkbox on top right corner 'Developer mode' and load it with clicking
on the button 'Load unpacked extension'.

Command `make test` is running before every commit. If tests not pass, commit
will not be finished.


If you want to develop, you have to install these packages:

 * Closure library (and Java)
 * CoffeeScript (and Nodejs)
 * SASS (and Ruby)

For testing these packages:

 * Python 2.7
 * Chromium
 * Selenium

You can prepare environment easily by command `make localdev` on Debian based
Linux. If you use other system, please, find out workaround for your system and
write out script or step-by-step manual, thanks.