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bash.tcl - quote fetcher
calc.tcl - provides !calc <expression> calculator function
google.tcl - query the Google API for searching/news/images. also use regular google search for google converting/calculating
horgh_autoop.tcl - auto op all users in a channel which is set +horgh_autoop
irb.tcl - unsafe public ruby interpreter
isgd.tcl - provide function that shortens a given url using
latoc.tcl - queries yahoo commodity listings for: energy, metals, grains, livestock, softs
slang.tcl - definition fetcher
wiki.tcl - synopsis fetcher

Edited versions of scripts written by others:
imdb.tcl - query script. Written by B0unTy, modified by OV2

All scripts written by me in this repository are Public domain. Those
not written by me are under whatever license specified by their authors.