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This is a set of programs to gather and analyze log files. I intend it for logs such as those in GNU/Linux systems under /var/log.

I have a few machines and I want to keep an eye on the logs. One problem is that there are many log messages I don't really care about. Another is that it is time consuming to go and look at each log file on each host.

I hope this to make monitoring the logs more efficient for me.

I know there are other solutions out there to do things like this (such as logwatch, logstash, fluentd). However I want fine grained control and to know deeply about what logs I watch and what messages I see or do not see.

How it works

  • Collection: logauditsubmit runs on a single host. Typically it will run regularly from cron. It reads all logs from /var/log and then sends them via an HTTP request to logauditd.
  • Storage: logauditd accepts logs from logauditsubmit clients and stores them in a database. Right now it can store logs into a PostgreSQL database.
  • Analysis: logaudit retrieves logs from the database and applies filters to determine whether to show each line.

Setting up a server to submit logs

This assumes you have a server running logauditd already.

  • Build and copy logauditsubmit to the server
  • Copy your logauditsubmit.conf to the server (or create one and copy it)
  • In root's crontab, add something like:
21 6 * * * /home/user/logauditsubmit -config /home/user/logauditsubmit.conf -state-file /home/user/logauditsubmit.state -submit-url https://host/submit 2>&1
  • Run the command manually and verify it works
  • Ensure mail from root gets delivered somewhere so you will receive it if anything breaks