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go-codegen is a generator library for Go.

go-codegen mainly generates codes for Domain Driven Development.

Generator Types

Currently, go-codegen provides three generation types.

Type1: Generation by Definition of Struct

Like followings.

//go:generate go-codegen go_accessor
//go:generate go-codegen go_constructor

type Person struct {
	id   string                 `required:"" getter:""`
	name string                 `required:"" getter:"" setter:"Rename"`
	tags []string               `getter:"" setter:""`
	text encoding.TextMarshaler `getter:"" setter:""`
	createdAt time.Time         `required:"time.Now()"`
// Code generated by go-codegen go_accessor; DO NOT EDIT.

package example

import (
	encoding "encoding"
	time "time"

func NewPerson(
    id string,
    name string,
) Person {
    return Person{
        id:        id,
        name:      name,
        createdAt: time.Now(),

func (m Person) ID() string {

func (m Person) Name() string {

func (m *Person) Rename(s string) { = s

func (m Person) Tags() []string {
	return m.tags

func (m *Person) SetTags(s []string) {
	m.tags = s

func (m Person) Text() encoding.TextMarshaler {
	return m.text

func (m *Person) SetText(s encoding.TextMarshaler) {
	m.text = s

Type2: Generation from Definition of Simple Type Definition

Like followings.

package example

import "errors"

//go:generate go-generror Unknown BadRequest PermissionDenied NotFound

type NameSpec struct {
	lessThan int
	moreThan int

func (s NameSpec) Validate(name string) Error {
	//errcode NameIsInvalidLength,lessThan int,moreThan int
	if len(name) >= s.lessThan || len(name) <= s.moreThan {
		return ErrorBadRequest(errors.New("invalid name"), NameIsInvalidLengthError(s.lessThan, s.moreThan))
	return nil
// Code generated by go-codegen error go_definition; DO NOT EDIT

package example

import (


type ErrorCode string

const (
	errorUnknown          ErrorCode = "Unknown"
	errorBadRequest       ErrorCode = "BadRequest"
	errorPermissionDenied ErrorCode = "PermissionDenied"
	errorNotFound         ErrorCode = "NotFound"

func (c ErrorCode) String() string {
	return string(c)

type Error interface {
	Error() string
	Details() []ErrorDetail

	IsUnknown() bool
	IsBadRequest() bool
	IsPermissionDenied() bool
	IsNotFound() bool

func newError(source error, code ErrorCode, details ...ErrorDetail) Error {
	return errorImpl{
		source:  source,
		code:    code,
		details: details,

func ErrorUnknown(source error, details ...ErrorDetail) Error {
	return newError(source, errorUnknown, details...)
func ErrorBadRequest(source error, details ...ErrorDetail) Error {
	return newError(source, errorBadRequest, details...)
func ErrorPermissionDenied(source error, details ...ErrorDetail) Error {
	return newError(source, errorPermissionDenied, details...)
func ErrorNotFound(source error, details ...ErrorDetail) Error {
	return newError(source, errorNotFound, details...)

type errorImpl struct {
	source  error
	code    ErrorCode
	details []ErrorDetail

func (e errorImpl) Error() string {
	return fmt.Sprintf("%s:%s:%s", e.code, e.details, e.source)
func (e errorImpl) Details() []ErrorDetail {
	return e.details

func (e errorImpl) IsUnknown() bool {
	return e.code == errorUnknown
func (e errorImpl) IsBadRequest() bool {
	return e.code == errorBadRequest
func (e errorImpl) IsPermissionDenied() bool {
	return e.code == errorPermissionDenied
func (e errorImpl) IsNotFound() bool {
	return e.code == errorNotFound

type ErrorDetail struct {
	code ErrorDetailCode
	args []string

func newErrorDetail(code ErrorDetailCode, args ...string) ErrorDetail {
	return ErrorDetail{
		code: code,
		args: args,

func (e ErrorDetail) String() string {
	return strings.Join(append([]string{e.code.String()}, e.args...), ",")

func (c ErrorDetail) Code() ErrorDetailCode {
	return c.code

func (c ErrorDetail) Args() []string {
	return c.args

type ErrorDetailCode string

func (c ErrorDetailCode) String() string {
	return string(c)

const ErrorDetailNameIsInvalidLength ErrorDetailCode = "NameIsInvalidLength"

func NameIsInvalidLengthError(
	lessThan int,
	moreThan int,
) ErrorDetail {
	return newErrorDetail(
		strconv.FormatInt(int64(lessThan), 10),
		strconv.FormatInt(int64(moreThan), 10),

func (e errorImpl) MarshalLogObject(enc zapcore.ObjectEncoder) error {
	zaperr.ToNamedField("sourceError", e.source).AddTo(enc)
	zap.String("code", string(e.code)).AddTo(enc)
	zap.Any("details", e.details)
	return nil

Type3: Generation for "Adapter Layer" from "Application Layer" Definition

For example, in the adapter for communication API, like followings.


apiimpl before


apiimpl after

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