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I have done major upgrade to my blog and decide to open a new repository instead of maintaining this old one.

Yet another personal blog.

The Makefile has already taken care of everything, to run the dev server && client, simply run the following scripts... They will automatically setup && install dependencies when necessary.

make server

make client  # this will connect client to

# to test client on dev-server, run the following
make client-test # this will connect client to http://localhost:2333

The dev client will be hosted on http://localhost:3000/, and the dev server will be hosted on http://localhost:2333/.

To install packages for client, simply run the regular npm install <package_name> command. For server, to install package under python virtualenv, run make install-<package_name>, which will in term install the package using pip from virtualenv, and will call pip freeze from within virtualenv to save the package. For example:

# To install Flask
make install-Flask

# Similarly, to uninstall Flask
make uninstall-Flask