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This is a forked repository. There may be some information at joelfischer’s MyJourneyDiary wiki or there may not ;)


  1. Journeys are not recorded unless a GPS fix is acquired at some point during the journey (this is almost never the case, but might be so if the journey is really short or takes place in some weird area with no GPS coverage) – this may be confusing for users if they think they’ve recorded a journey and then can’t find it.
    • Note that the first GPS fix (or the first in a drastically different location from the last) may take a few minutes to acquire, so it may be best to carry out a test journey before handing the phone over, or with the user during the handover.
  2. Currently the user needs to back out of the app by using the back button through all of the previous screens; the user should avoid backing out to a previous screen and reentering data
  3. Data is timestamped according to the phone date/time; for analysis and comparison purposes the phone date/time should be set accurately – this might happen automatically once an active SIM is put into the handsets (helpful if they are all on the same network as they should then be automatically set to the same time).
  4. While GPS (and all the user’s answers to questions) will be logged without requiring a network connection, the user won’t be able to see a map without one, hence a SIM with network data allocation is probably needed.
  5. To install the app in future we should really think about putting it on the marketplace; currently we have to either install it via ADB (requiring someone to have the Android SDK and USB driver installed, and know how to use them) or by transferring the APK to the device (requiring a file browser to be installed on the device in order to start the installation), neither of which is ideal when deploying it to/updating it on many handsets
  6. If the app isn’t installed via the marketplace it may be the case that security settings regarding GPS aren’t set correctly: by default the phones do not allow non-marketplace apps to use GPS so it needs to be authorised in the Settings menu → Security & Location
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