A Wordpress plugin for crowd-sourcing of geo-located information.
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A platform for crowd-sourcing of geo-located cultural information.

The xMaps Platform (pending a change to a catchier name) builds on the ArtMaps Platform. It provides a platform for creating geo-tagged content and faciliting discussion around that content. In particular, it allows for new location information to be added to the content by users that in turn can be used to drive the discussion. In addition, the xMaps platform implements the Wander/Anywhere API so that content can be gathered in collections that can be explored in the physical world through the use of a mobile-web application.


xMaps is implemented as a Wordpress plugin and theme. You must have a working Wordpress instance in order to run xMaps. You must also be running a version of MySQL greater than 5.5 (the plugin uses spatial indexes) with your Wordpress install.

To install the plugin, create a new directory called xmaps in your Wordpress plugin directory and copy all content from the src/plugin directory in this repository to this new directory.

To install the theme, create a new directory called xmaps in your Wordpress theme directory and copy all content from the src/theme directory in this repository to this new directory. The theme is deliberately basic and it is recommended that you clone the theme and modify it according to your needs, it is however enough to get you up and running quickly.

Once installed and the plugin and theme are activated through the Wordpress administrative interface, you will have an extra option on the Settings menu called xMaps. Currently the only setting that is needed is a valid Google Maps API key.

Development setup

Vagrant is used for development. To get started, copy the vagrant/config.rb.example file to vagrant/config.rb and edit the contents to your own needs. At present, the only configuration setting is the IP address, the Vagrant box uses this as a static IP so that the server can easily be found via this IP. Once vagrant up has completed, you can find the xMaps development install at that IP address. See the Installation section above for setting required configuration values. As the source folder is mounted directly inside the Vagrant box, all changes to source files will be immediately visible on the development Wordpress instance inside the box.


Distributed under the AGPLv3 license. See LICENSE for more information.