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AI-powered Pen Tests. See your enterprise through the eyes of an attacker & fix what matters.

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  1. vcenter_saml_login vcenter_saml_login Public

    A tool to extract the IdP cert from vCenter backups and log in as Administrator

    Python 445 85

  2. CVE-2022-40684 CVE-2022-40684 Public

    A proof of concept exploit for CVE-2022-40684 affecting Fortinet FortiOS, FortiProxy, and FortiSwitchManager

    Python 323 99

  3. CVE-2022-39952 CVE-2022-39952 Public

    POC for CVE-2022-39952

    Python 267 58

  4. CVE-2021-21972 CVE-2021-21972 Public

    Proof of Concept Exploit for vCenter CVE-2021-21972

    Python 240 86

  5. CVE-2022-1388 CVE-2022-1388 Public

    POC for CVE-2022-1388

    Python 233 42

  6. CVE-2021-38647 CVE-2021-38647 Public

    Proof on Concept Exploit for CVE-2021-38647 (OMIGOD)

    Python 231 59


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