A secure and fully decentralized crypto currency wallet app for Android users. This wallet uses SPV protocol.
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Bank Wallet (Android)

Control Your Money!

BANK Wallet is a secure and a fully decentralized crypto wallet app for iOS and Android that supports major cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and ERC 20 tokens.

The number of supported crypto currencies being gradually increased with every release.

This BANK wallet provides a seamless way to get started with Bitcoin and other crypto currencies for masses. It has been built using best practices from the design of the interface to the implementation of blockchain protocols.


Independent & Decentralized

The BANK wallet is fully peer-to-peer and works without any centrally managed servers.

It can't be stopped, blocked or taken down. The wallet connects directly to the currency networks i.e. Bitcoin without the need for intermediary. Such approach enables the BANK wallet to operate anywhere and remain censorship-resistant. Only the user is in control of the money and how it being spent.

Most crypto wallet apps are centralized. The funds are stored on a remote server which is operated by the wallet provider. Due to the unregulated nature of the cryptocurrencies there are no mechanisms in place to guarantee that a wallet provider doesn't cheat or that provider's servers not get hacked.

Being a fully decentralized app the BANK wallet implements all of its functionality in a decentralized manner. There are some non-vital parts of the wallet like exchange rate data which currently depend on some data provider but as we quickly move forward these parts are being decentralized as well, enabling users to select which provider they want use to use.

The short term goal is to have every single feature in the app implemented in a decentralized manner. And by doing so to substantially increase the security and privacy aspects of the wallet.

Secure & Open Source

The entire code of the BANK wallet is public and open-source giving an option for anyone to analyze all of its code. It works exactly as shown in the code. It can't cheat!

The BANK wallet stores user's private keys and funds encrypted on a device itself using secure native storage mechanisms provided by iOS and Android operating systems. Only user can access and use his or her funds.

Due to the fact that the BANK Wallet keeps user's funds on the device itself there are no online servers or databases that can be hacked.

In case of a device loss or replacement the user may easily restore the wallet using a secret 12-word recovery phrase(also known as Secret Key). In fact, with the help of these Secret Key the user may restore the wallet and access funds on any deterministic wallet (aka HD wallet) not just the BANK wallet app.

Note: The Bank Wallet should not be installed on a jailbroken iOS or flushed Android operating systems. The native safe storage mechanisms where the wallet keeps your Secret Keys are no longer reliable on a tempered iOS or Android operating systems. This means that some malicious app running on jailbroken device can potentially access the private keys for your funds and steal them.

Source Code:

Along with the launch of the BANK wallet app a number of developer friendly open-source code repositories were released in parallel. This repositories enable developers to create better performing and at the same time truly private and secure crypto wallets.

Moreover, using these repositories it is fairly easy to create independent branded decentralized custom crypto wallets either for a single currency or a bunch of them pushing the crypto adoption and ecosystem further.



The BANK wallet is open source and available under the terms of the MIT Lincense.