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@omurovch omurovch released this May 14, 2019

Expected Release Date: May 10'th, 2019

DASH Coin Support

Ability to receive and send DASH coins in a decentralized manner. Dash blockchain comes with ability to send instant and private/anonymous transactions. These two features are available partially under the hood and will be fully integrated in the upcoming releases.

New ERC20 Tokens

  • USDT / contract address:
  • Holo (HOT) / contract address:
  • Chain (CRO) / contract address:
  • Loopring (LRC) / contract address:
  • aelf (ELF) / contract address:
  • orbs (ORBS) / contract address:

Other Improvements and Features:

  • faster data (i.e exchange rates) download times from decentralized storage
  • Lightning network research: in preparation for upcoming lighting network integration
  • performance and wallet app architecture improvements
  • UI improvements throughout the app
  • multiple bugs fixed

Full Changelog


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@rafaelekol rafaelekol released this Apr 17, 2019 · 80 commits to production since this release

Transaction Fee selection

  • Econom: recommends lowest fee possible provided that there is some level of assurance that transaction will be included within 24 hour period.

  • Optimal: the default option which aims to have the transaction ion included in the next few blocks.

  • Priority : higher fee that provides over 95% probability of inclusion of transaction within the next block

UI & Navigation

Acceptance review of all controllers. Every controller was reviewed and UI adjusted to guarantee the identical or closely similar performance and look on all android devices. A lot of minor fixed and adjustments on Balance, Transactions and Settings tabs.

  • Tab bar navigation via side swipe:
  • TX info controller Improvements:
  • New welcome screen
  • ...

Performance Improvements

Faster download speeds for blockchain meta data such as real-time currency exchange rates and blockchain transaction rates.

All such data downloaded from decentralized storage medium, called IPFS. In this release we significantly improved the availability and download speeds of the data stored on IPFS to ensure that the wallets always have to up to date exchange rates and blockchain transaction fees.

Full Changelog:


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@esengulov esengulov released this Mar 1, 2019 · 249 commits to master since this release

This sprint was dedicated to refactoring existing code with an aim to keep the code base clean and easy to maintain and build upon in the future. You may follow the issues that were assigned to this project to see what exactly was refactored

Most of these are under the hood architecture improvements which are necessary at this point.

Performance Improvements

With the addition of ERC20 tokens a number of use cases were uncovered where the client makes over a dozen different HTTP requests to various external sources (i.e. exchange rates, transaction data for ETH and ERC20 tokens, state data for ETH and so on.)

In this case, the client (especially low end Android phones) needs to perform without lags and any noticeable flickers on the interface. The applied improvements addressed this issue.

In addition, the Transaction tab went through significant refactoring to deliver better performance on slower devices.

UI / UX Refactoring

The Android version of the wallet is going through a significant UI improvements on all controllers. The goal here is to ensure that the wallet behaves and looks closely similar on all android phone and operating systems. This covers a lot of minor issues throughout the Android app and going to span the next release as well.

We refactored the the UI / UX controllers throughout the app so that existing controllers are flexible and able to adapt to upcoming integration of new blockchains.

Full Changelog:


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@esengulov esengulov released this Feb 15, 2019 · 268 commits to production since this release

Decentralized Transaction Explorer

Enable wallet users to retrieve detailed transaction info (as a reference for the payment) from desired public blockchain explorer provider.

For every pending/past transaction in each supported blockchain the controller displays data returned by explorer i.e. transaction ID, number of confirmations, transaction fee, block where it was mined, relevant inputs/outputs for the given transaction and more.

That would allow wallet user to independently verify any incoming/outgoing transaction from within the client using external data provider. The implementation will enable user to choose which blockchain explorer to use from within the app.

#398, #133

ERC 20 support + Coin Manager

Add support for ERC 20 tokens. Allow users to choose which currencies will appear on Balance Tab and hide those that are not needed. With the addition of ERC20 token there will be a lot.

#399, #395, #407

UI / UX Improvements

#234, #342, #349, #396, #272


Significant refactoring of the app's codebase to improve the speed and UX.

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@omurovch omurovch released this Dec 28, 2018 · 745 commits to production since this release

Merge pull request #449 from horizontalsystems/release-0.1.1

Set version to 0.1.1
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@omurovch omurovch released this Dec 24, 2018 · 786 commits to master since this release

Merge pull request #430 from horizontalsystems/release-0.1.0

Set version to 0.1.0
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Dec 14, 2018
Update libs
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