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blerb running on merb-core
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Adjusted spec to reflect changes in merb-core

- changed rakefile/spec loading mechanism
- fixed requiring of merb-core test harness
- spec should be running
latest commit cfbe86545f
Sean Braithwaite authored
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app fixed settings controller stuff
config Adjusted spec to reflect changes in merb-core
lib Changed Permalinker's find_by_slug to with_slug. Seems to fit better …
log Removed merb log.
public minor fixes
script added script/install_merb, updated Rakefile and README
spec Adjusted spec to reflect changes in merb-core
stories Story tests now use the MarkupMatchers from merb_rspec.
test jw - applying buffington patch
.gitignore all specs are passing. Updated the spec_helper, added temporary fix t…
README Fixed a typo in the README
Rakefile Adjusted spec to reflect changes in merb-core


= Welcome to Blerb!

== Installation
  * from your working directory, say ~/code/, clone the blerb repository:
  * git clone git:// - anon checkout
  * git clone   - commit access
  * cd blerb-core
  * use script/install to update or install merb-* in the parent directory (e.g. ~/code/merb-core/):
  * script/install_merb
  * cp config/database.sample.yml config/database.yml
  * fill in the correct database credentials
  * cp config/settings.sample.yml config/settings.yml
  * fill in the correct blog settings
  * rake dm:auto_migrate
  * to start a webserver, run the merb command:
  * merb

Blerb should now be running on port 4000, so open up your browser and visit localhost:4000!

== Dependencies (versions tested)

merb-core         (0.9)
merb-more         (0.9.0)
merb-action-args  (0.9.0)
merb-assets       (0.9.0)
merb-mailer       (0.9.1)
merb-test         (0.9.0)
merb_datamapper   (0.9.0)
merb_helpers      (0.9.0)
merb_rspec        (0.9.0)
datamapper        (0.3.0)
rspec             (1.1.3)
do_yourdbhere     (varies)

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