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My goal is be able to make some simple games or graphical object interactions using ascii tile-based graphics. Think something like ZZT. This is just a start.

Tile sets

Tiles have a character (based on extended ascii or code page 473), a foreground color, and a background color. A tile set is an image of 16x16 tiles defining each character. When rendering a character magenta pixels become background, white pixels become foreground, gray pixels become darker foreground, and any other color stays that color in the final tile. I believe this works similar to Dwarf Fortress tile sets. See here for more tilesets.

Running locally

There are some security issues which prevent running right from the file system. It must be run from a webserver. For quickly getting it to work use something like python -m SimpleHTTPServer.


I mostly made this in order to understand javascript at a rudimentary level.