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Some lilypond scores I work on.
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BachBMinorMass Update version.
BachCantataBWV14 Add Bach BWV 14.
BachItalianConcerto Cleanup header and version for mutopia submission.
BeethovenHornSonata Little fixes: missing slurs, bad page turns, useful cues.
BeethovenSymphony3 Clean up markups. Remove bars from parts. Add printable transposition…
BerliozLeJeune Add full score to Berlioz.
BlancRomance Update lilypond version.
BrahmsAcademic Use improved dynamics. Other misc improvements.
BrahmsHornTrio Redo dynamics. General cleanup. Update version. Still needs lots of w…
BrahmsOp17 Turn off point and click. Remove instrument name from harp part.
BrahmsSymphony1 Update version and file structure.
BruneauRomance Add source.
ChabrierLarghetto Fix errors (mostly ties/slurs) in Chabrier's Larghetto.
ChevillardAllegroOp18 Add piano dynamics. Make some corrections and add missing indications.
DukasVillanelle Little fixes: missing slurs, bad page turns, useful cues.
FranzStraussHornConcerto1 Updated structure for franz strauss horn concerto.
FranzStraussNocturno Little fixes: missing slurs, bad page turns, useful cues.
GallayOp44 Added Gallay Op.44.
GlazunovReveries Little fixes: missing slurs, bad page turns, useful cues.
HaydnHornConcerto1 Add Haydn's first horn concerto.
HaydnSymphony31 Update version. Remove a couple warnings. Print horn transpositions.
KoppraschEtudesOp5 Automatically generate score blocks for kopprasch op.5.
KoppraschEtudesOp6 Automatically generate score blocks for all etudes.
MaraisDances Update and add piano part to le basque.
MolbeAirArabe Add cues to parts. Reorganize somewhat.
MolbeRondeDePrintemps Add two Molbe trios.
MozartConcertRondo Add concert rondo.
MozartHornConcerto1 More little fixes.
MozartHornConcerto2 Fix warning.
MozartHornConcerto3 More little fixes.
MozartHornConcerto4 More little fixes.
MozartHornDuets Fix warnings.
MozartHornQuintet Fix dynamics.
NielsenCantoSerioso Change updated date.
ReineckeTrio Forgot to up piano version.
RheinbergerHornSonataOp178 Add missing slur ending.
RiesSontataOp34 Finish Ries Sontata first movement piano notes.
SaintSaensDanseMacabre Add solo violin and first violin parts for Danse Macabre.
SaintSaensMorceauDeConcert Update structure and version.
SaintSaensRomanceOp36 Add opus number to directory name.
SaintSaensRomanceOp67 Add piano part. Other misc fixes.
SchubertAufDemStrom Update auf dem strom headers.
SchubertNachtgesangImWalde Update structure to simplified score. Fix some lyric hyphenations.
SchubertSymphony8 Update version.
SchumannAdagioAndAllegro Don't draw tuplets instead of just making them invisible.
SchumannConcertPiece Update lilypond version.
StraussHornConcerto1 Minor fixes.
StraussTill Update version, structure.
TchaikovskySymphony5 Use improved dynamics.
TelemannSonataTWV41 Add telemann bassoon sonata.
WeberHornConcertino Add violin 1 and finish bass part. (Lots of wrong notes as manuscript…
.gitignore Ignore images. Add pieces submitted to mutopia.


This project mainly exists as a working area for Lilypond scores to be submitted to Mutopia. Enjoy!

How to Contribute

  • Use the music (and let us know if you do).
  • Tell a friend.
  • Submit errors or improvement ideas.
    • Use the Mutopia Mailing list: Gmane.
    • Email and other contact information are included with score source.
    • See the blog.
  • Submit improvements/fixes.
    • Small fixes can be submitted through email.
    • Fork the repository and make the change: Github Guide.

Status of Scores

  • Bach Italian Concerto - In progress...
  • Bach B Minor Mass BWV 232 - Bass Aria - Mutopia
  • Beethoven Horn Sonata - Mutopia
  • Beethoven Third Symphony - Mutopia
  • Blanc Romance - Finished, not submitted to Mutopia.
  • Brahms Academic Festival Overture - In progress...
  • Brahms Horn Trio - Mutopia
  • Brahms Symphony No.1 - In progress...
  • Bruneau Romance - Finished, not submitted to Mutopia.
  • Chabrier Larghetto for Horn and Orchestra - Mutopia
  • Dukas Villanelle for Horn and Piano - Mutopia
  • Glazunov Reveries - Mutopia
  • Kopprasch 60 Horn Etudes for High Horn - In progress...
  • Kopprasch 60 Horn Etudes for Low Horn - Mutopia
  • Mozart Horn Concerto No.1 - Mutopia
  • Mozart Horn Concerto No.2 - Mutopia
  • Mozart Horn Concerto No.3 - Mutopia
  • Mozart Horn Concerto No.4 - Mutopia
  • Mozart Horn Quintet - Mutopia
  • Nielsen Canto Serioso - Mutopia
  • Reinecke Trio - In progress...
  • Saint-Saens Romance - Mutopia
  • Schubert Auf dem Strom - Mutopia
  • Schubert Symphony No.8 - In progress...
  • Schumann Concert Piece - In progress...
  • Strauss, Franz Horn Concerto - In progress...
  • Strauss, Franz Nocturno - Mutopia
  • Strauss Horn Concerto No.1 - In progress...
  • Strauss Till Eulenspiegel - In progress...
  • Tchaikovsky Symphony No.5 - In progress...
  • Weber Horn Concertino - In progress...
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