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\version "2.13.37"
Based on
Merges rests that occur on the same moment inside a staff with two voices.
\include "merge-rests"
\layout {
or inside the music:
\new Staff <<
\relative c' {
\mergeRestsOn %% in one of the voices if sufficient
c4 d e f g r r2
\relative c' {
a4 b c d e r r2
#(define (rest-score r)
(let ((score 0)
(yoff (ly:grob-property-data r 'Y-offset))
(sp (ly:grob-property-data r 'staff-position)))
(if (number? yoff)
(set! score (+ score 2))
(if (eq? yoff 'calculation-in-progress)
(set! score (- score 3))))
(and (number? sp)
(<= 0 2 sp)
(set! score (+ score 2))
(set! score (- score (abs (- 1 sp)))))
#(define (merge-rests-on-positioning grob)
(let* ((can-merge #f)
(elts (ly:grob-object grob 'elements))
(num-elts (and (ly:grob-array? elts)
(ly:grob-array-length elts)))
(two-voice? (= num-elts 2)))
(if two-voice?
(let* ((v1-grob (ly:grob-array-ref elts 0))
(v2-grob (ly:grob-array-ref elts 1))
(v1-rest (ly:grob-object v1-grob 'rest))
(v2-rest (ly:grob-object v2-grob 'rest)))
(ly:grob? v1-rest)
(ly:grob? v2-rest)
(let* ((v1-duration-log (ly:grob-property v1-rest 'duration-log))
(v2-duration-log (ly:grob-property v2-rest 'duration-log))
(v1-dot (ly:grob-object v1-rest 'dot))
(v2-dot (ly:grob-object v2-rest 'dot))
(v1-dot-count (and (ly:grob? v1-dot)
(ly:grob-property v1-dot 'dot-count -1)))
(v2-dot-count (and (ly:grob? v2-dot)
(ly:grob-property v2-dot 'dot-count -1))))
(set! can-merge
(number? v1-duration-log)
(number? v2-duration-log)
(= v1-duration-log v2-duration-log)
(eq? v1-dot-count v2-dot-count)))
(if can-merge
;; keep the rest that looks best:
(let* ((keep-v1? (>= (rest-score v1-rest)
(rest-score v2-rest)))
(rest-to-keep (if keep-v1? v1-rest v2-rest))
(dot-to-kill (if keep-v1? v2-dot v1-dot)))
;; uncomment if you're curious of which rest was chosen:
;;(ly:grob-set-property! v1-rest 'color green)
;;(ly:grob-set-property! v2-rest 'color blue)
(ly:grob-suicide! (if keep-v1? v2-rest v1-rest))
(if (ly:grob? dot-to-kill)
(ly:grob-suicide! dot-to-kill))
(ly:grob-set-property! rest-to-keep 'direction 0)
(ly:rest::y-offset-callback rest-to-keep)))))))
(if can-merge
(ly:rest-collision::calc-positioning-done grob))))
#(define merge-multi-measure-rest-on-Y-offset
;; Call this to get the 'Y-offset of a MultiMeasureRest.
;; It keeps track of other MultiMeasureRests in the same NonMusicalPaperColumn
;; and StaffSymbol. If two are found, delete one and return 0 for Y-offset of
;; the other one.
(let ((table (make-weak-key-hash-table)))
(lambda (grob)
(let* ((ssymb (ly:grob-object grob 'staff-symbol))
(nmcol (ly:grob-parent grob X))
(ssymb-hash (begin
(if (not (hash-ref table ssymb))
(hash-set! table ssymb (make-hash-table 1)))
(hash-ref table ssymb)))
(othergrob (hash-ref ssymb-hash nmcol)))
(if (ly:grob? othergrob)
;; Found the other grob in this staff/column, delete it and move ours
(ly:grob-suicide! othergrob)
(hash-remove! ssymb-hash nmcol)
;; Just save this grob and return the default value
(hash-set! ssymb-hash nmcol grob)
(ly:staff-symbol-referencer::callback grob)))))))
mergeRestsOn = {
\override Staff.RestCollision #'positioning-done = #merge-rests-on-positioning
\override Staff.MultiMeasureRest #'Y-offset = #merge-multi-measure-rest-on-Y-offset
mergeRestsOff = {
\revert Staff.RestCollision #'positioning-done
\revert Staff.MultiMeasureRest #'Y-offset
mergeRests = \layout {
\context {
\override RestCollision #'positioning-done = #merge-rests-on-positioning
\override MultiMeasureRest #'Y-offset = #merge-multi-measure-rest-on-Y-offset
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