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If you need information about the HornetQ project please go to

This file describes some minimum 'stuff one needs to know' to get started coding in this project.


The project's source code is hosted at:

Git usage:

Pull requests should be merged without fast forwards '--no-ff'. An easy way to achieve that is to use

% git config branch.master.mergeoptions --no-ff


The minimum required Maven version is 3.0.0.

Do note that there are some compatibility issues with Maven 3.X still unsolved 1. This is specially true for the 'site' plugin 2.


To run the unit tests:

% mvn -Phudson-tests test

Generating reports from unit tests:

% mvn install site


To run an example firstly make sure you have run

% mvn install

If the project version has already been released then this is unnecessary.

then you will need to set the following maven options, on Linux by

export MAVEN_OPTS="-Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m"

and the finally run the examples by

mvn verify

You can also run individual examples by running the same command from the directory of which ever example you want to run. NB for this make sure you have installed examples/common.

To build a release artifact

% mvn install -Prelease


We recommend you to use Eclipse 3.7 "Indigo". As it improved Maven and Git support considerably. Note that there are still some Maven plugins used by sub-projects (e.g. documentation) which are not supported even in Eclipse 3.7.

Eclipse code formatting and (basic) project configuration files can be found at the etc/ folder. You need to manually copy them or use a plugin.

Annotation Pre-Processing

HornetQ uses JBoss Logging and that requires source code generation from Java annotations. In order for it to 'just work' in Eclipse you need to install the Maven Integration for Eclipse JDT Annotation Processor Toolkit m2e-apt.

To build the release bundle

mvn -P release package

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