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set -e
set -x
function build_one()
tag=horovod-build-py${py}:$(date +%Y%m%d-%H%M%S)
docker build -t ${tag} --build-arg python=${py} --no-cache .
horovod_version=$(docker run ${tag} pip freeze | grep ^horovod= | awk -F== '{print $2}')
tensorflow_version=$(docker run ${tag} pip freeze | grep ^tensorflow-gpu= | awk -F== '{print $2}')
pytorch_version=$(docker run ${tag} pip freeze | grep ^torch= | awk -F== '{print $2}')
mxnet_version=$(docker run ${tag} pip freeze | grep ^mxnet | awk -F== '{print $2}')
docker tag ${tag} ${final_tag}
docker rmi ${tag}
# clear upstream image, ok to fail if image does not exist
docker rmi $(cat Dockerfile | grep FROM | awk '{print $2}') || true
# build for py2 and py3
build_one 2.7
build_one 3.5
# print recent images
docker images horovod/horovod
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