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Document TSC (#1248)

Signed-off-by: Alex Sergeev <>
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@@ -7,3 +7,20 @@ Refer to the following guidelines to contribute new functionality or bug fixes t
2. Use [clang-format]( to format C++ code.
3. Add unit tests for any new code you write.
4. Run unit tests in both CPU and GPU environments.

### Charter

You can find Horovod Charter [here](

### Technical Steering Committee

Horovod development is governed by Horovod Technical Steering Committee (TSC).

Current voting members of the Horovod TSC:
* Alex Sergeev (@alsrgv)
* Travis Addair (@tgaddair)
* Can Karakus (@karakusc)

Horovod TSC publishes meeting notes via [mailing list](
This mailing list can also be utilized to reach out to the TSC.

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