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canomate - Automation Utility for Canon cameras

This uses Canon's Canon Control API (CCAPI), with is a REST API that canomate query status information, set/set operating systems, and perform actions via http-based GET and POST/PUT commands.

Online Manual


  1. A Canon camera that supports the Canon Control API. As of 8/2020 this includes: R5, R6, T8i, 1DX Mark III, M200, M6 Mark II, 90D, SL3, RP, SX70 HS, G5 X Mark II, G5 X Mark III
  2. Python 3.5 or later
  3. "requests" library (

Python Setup

  1. Install the latest Python 3.x from
  2. This module uses the 'requests' module, which can be installed via the command line by running "pip install requests"

For OSX/Mac, Python 2.7x comes included. You need to install the latest 3.x Python for this script to work. The newer version will be installed at /usr/local/bin/. The 'requests' module can then be installed by opening a terminal window and running "pip3 install requests". After that you can run this script by placing the files somewhere in your home directory and running "python3"

Camera Setup

Enabling the Control API requires a one-time activation using Canon's CCAPI activation tool, which is distributed on Canon's developer website at

  1. Connect the camera via USB to computer and run the CCAPI activation tool. Disconnect the camera from the computer when complete.
  2. Go to "Wireless communication settings" in the camera, select "Wi-Fi settings", then "Camera Control API". You'll need to provide the info for your local wireless network if you haven't already done so - you can use WPS if your router supports it to get through the setup faster. You can optionally specify a static IP address, which may make it easier to use this utility since you'll always know the camera's IP address rather than having to check the camera (although most routers will reuse the same IP address for a given MAC address).. At the last step of the process the camera will display a URL you can access; enter that URL on your computer to finalize the setup and verify everything is working.
  3. When done you'll also want to enable "Auto connect" in the same Camera Control API menu of the camera; that way the camera will automatically connect to your network and enable the CCAPI whenever you turn the camera on. You may need to temporarily disconnect from CCAPI in the camera in order to turn "Auto connect" on.


Automation of Canon camera operations using Canon's WiFi-based Camera Control API (CCAPI)







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