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readme for ThePythonGameBook on

the idea of this project is to host and sync source code and files for ( )

For questions and any queries, please write an email to

State of ThePythonGameBook

I started the ThePythonGamebook project as an dokuwiki, but since 2021 I try to find a more 'pythonic' format for it. Currently experimenting with Sphinx.

File and Folder Structure:

This Github repository reflects the file and folder structure of ThePythonGameBook's dokuwiki, its structure and working synapses :

The dokuwiki structure is a bit more complex, because it split' into a 'data' folder for the text of the dokuwiki pages and into a seperate 'media' folder for images etc. Each folder has a top language folder (en, fr, de etc.). As for the moment (2020-05) only the English language part of Dokuwiki is activley maintained the 'en' folder is the only one mirrored into Github. In this Github repository, everything necessary to create a wiki page (data, media, external html) is merged into the same folder.

About - learn Python programming by coding games



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