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project site:

This Github Repo has all the source files, articles, necessary scripts and themes to make a local copy of The internationl open magazine

The reason for this Github repository is to allow readers to modify, fork, write and submit articles for the international open magazine

commiting articles

please do the following, either via git commands or via this webinterface:

  • (fork the repo locally) or use the github web interface
  • create a new file inside the content/blog folder and name it
    • write your article inside this file. See Use the Markdown Syntax. You can use html directly inside Markdown.
  • only if necessary: put additional material like images, audio files, pdf's etc. inside an new subfolder of images
    • create a folder with the same name as your file, but without the .md inside the images folder: YYYY-MM-DD-cool_name_for-article
    • put all extra materials into this folder
    • from within your .md file, reference to the extra material via [myimage](images/YYYY-MM-DD-cool_name_for-article/myimage.jpg)
  • send an pull request

detailed instruction of how to setup local fork