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Title: Africa Code Week Date: 2015-11-02 00:00
Modfied: 2015-11-02 00:00 Tags: AfricaCodeWeek, report, coding, teaching Status: published Slug: 2015-11-02-heloisa_zal_africa_code_week Authors: ZAL Heloisa ICBM: -33.924868,18.424055 GeoPosition: -33.924868;18.424055 GeoPlacename: Cape Town GeoRegion: ZA-WC Summarytext: Heloisa ZAL reports about her voyage to Cape Town, South Africa, where she helped during Africa Code Week to teach children about Scratch and coding Summary:

africa code week logo Heloisa Zal
Heloisa ZAL reports about her voyage to Cape Town, South Africa, where she helped during Africa Code Week to teach children about Scratch and coding.

Name: Heloisa ZAL
Contact: @HZalcberg
Hashtag: #AfricaCodeWeek‬
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Heloisa Zal about the author: Allow me to introduce myself. I have been work in Education, for the last 12 years, recovering children and teens with school problems - pedagogical, psychological or physical, neurological issues. My method involves detecting the problem and putting them in their way. As the same time I help them with school subjects, I do a therapeutic work recovering their self-esteem and put them on track. Working with different ages, levels, schools and subjects made me possible to question the whole educational system. An impartial and deep vision of the whole problem was possible cause I've not been linked to any academic system or organization since I've finished my PhD.

Since I took Learning Creative Learning (LCL) course, I met like-minded people all around the world. I jumped into other courses, collaborative works, Scratch days, Scratch workshops, conferences. I'm so proud of being member and moderator of this wonderful community.
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Meeting the Africa Code Week

In October 2015, the Africa Code Week brought hundreds of coding workshops to kids and youth from 3 different age groups (8-11, 12-17 and 18-24) across 17 countries (Benin, Botswana, Cameroon, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa, Togo, Tunisia and Uganda).

The mission:

To empower future generations with the coding tools and skills they need to thrive in the 21st century workforce and become key actors of Africa's economic development.

This continent-wide initiative was supported by a global network of like-minded companies and opinion leaders, a sponsorship package for corporations and Corporate Social Responsibility departments, as SAP, Ampion,, the Galway Education Centre, the Cape Town Science Centre and the King Baudouin Foundation. Africa Code Week sponsors could host their own coding workshops with customers, partners and employees, engaging the latter in skill-based volunteering opportunities. In Cape Town, South Africa, whoever you talked to, from the hotel concierge staff to the cafeteria lady or the taxi driver, everybody knew about the event and answered with a smile.

Cape Town Science Centre, South Africa

The Cape Town Science Centre has run 5 Scratch workshops a day, for 10 days. Many children came with their parents or were brought by school buses during that week. I'm glad I could get there in time to join them and participate of the Scratch workshops.

africacodeweek africacodeweek africacodeweek africacodeweek africacodeweek

The three guys who were in charge of the Scratch workshops, very welcomed me in the activities. It was such a wonderful experience to meet this people and work on Scratch with African children!

In that room, that day, there were South Africans, Italian and Brazilian teachers and kids, all connect by the passion for Scratch, for coding, for learning!

Besides Scratch, robotic workshops were held in the Centre. We could see parents participating and learning with the children, everywhere! At the workshops..

africacodeweek africacodeweek

Or at the common area, with many interactive activities:

africacodeweek africacodeweek africacodeweek

The bus

One of the most amazing initiatives was the mobile code classroom, created in a bus, equipped with computers, that went to the cities promoting coding classes during that week.

Note: bus pictures not yet displayed, awaiting copyright clearance africacodeweek africacodeweek
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The initial objective was to positively impact the lives of 20,000 children and youth across 17 African countries, but an amazing number of 88,763 was achieved, in more than 3000 coding events: 444% above the initial target!! More than 2088 teachers were trained. In South Africa, Togo and Tunisia over 50% of the participants were girls


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