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Title: international open podcast episode 002 Date: 2016-01-07 23:00 Modified: 2016-01-18 11:49 tags: report, conference Slug: 2016-01-07-internationalopenpodcast_episode_002 status: published Ogg: ICBM: 48.201724, 9.98343 GeoRegion: DE-HH GeoPlacename: Hamburg GeoPosition: 48.201724; 9.98343 Authors: JENS Horst, HASLINGER Stefan, Summarytext: Episode 002 of the international open podcast was recoreded at the Chaos Communication Congress 32c3 in Hamburg, Germany and features (nearly) daily congress reports and interviews. Summary:

Episode 002 of the international open podcast was recoreded at the Chaos Communication Congress 32c3 in Hamburg, Germany and features (nearly) daily congress reports and interviews.



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International Open Podcast episode 002

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The second official episode of the international open podcast. Recorded (nearly) each day at the 32c3 Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg, the podcast features two interviews and daily impressions from the congress.

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technical notes:

  • audio-quality is not constant, due to background noise

  • all 32c3 talks we referr to can be found on youtube and are described at the 32c3 Fahrplan

  • 0:00:00 intro (Horst)

  • 0:00:17 Stefan and Horst reporting from "Chaos Communication Congress" 32c3 in Hamburg (first day). The term "hacking" explained and general information / impressions of 32c3.

  • 0:04:12 Horst's arrival and first day impression. "Everything is dark!"

  • 0:05:53 Amazing good WLAN/Wifi quality for 12.000 people

  • 0:06:27 Horst remembers a far smaller and more overgrowed. ccc congress in Berlin.

  • 0:07:22 Keynote speaker Fatuma Afrah, Refugees and gated communities.

  • 0:09:35 small radio/sending devices

  • 0:11:12 being voiceless (keynote)

  • 0:12:15 (partly background noise due to wind)

  • 0:13:44 Stefan was on a concert at 32c3

  • 0:15:00 Horst hacked in a ad-hoc muslim praying site, Mitch Altman soldering workshop, queer, blinkenwheelchairs with LEDs, tables of hackerspaces and interest groups

  • 0:17:00 live-podcasting at the 32c3 stage ("Sendezentrum").

  • 0:18:00 all organized by unpaid, volunteer "Chaos-Angels"

  • 0:19:09 Stefan was on a podcaster-meeting at Sendezentrum, found friends of our german-language Biertaucherpodcast

  • 0:19:55 (technical noise due to battery change). Hackers drink caffeinated "Mate" soft drinks. Food podcasts.

  • 0:20:15 informal black t-shirt dress code of hackers. Theater play ater midnight at 32c3

  • 0:21:36 Stefan tried out a recumbent-bike and managed to fall down several times. Difficult to control recument-bikes. thieves-proof?

  • 0:25:39 Second day at 32c3. sleepless shedule, 6-2-1 rule: sleep, eat, shower. Sleeping hall space was aviable for 5 Euro/ Night

  • 0:27:35 3-dimensional bike-lanes made out of bricks

  • 0:28:09 lightning talks explained, difficulty to meet at 32c3 even with twitter communication. Advantages of being in-person at the conference vs. watching the talks at home.

  • 0:31:05 32c3 indoor navigation map to guide you to the next location. Unisex toilets. Animation of the flow of peoples in a congress with WIFI data.

  • 0:33:22 32c3 is exhausting! Bring good shoes, you walk a lot.

  • 0:34:00 Horst talks about a talk he liked: maker spaces in favelas how to approach communities with a low-tech, hands-on way. Lot of tech talks touching poilical / society topics. Lot of makers at 32c3

  • 0:37:04 third day at 32c3. Stefan has too less sleep.

  • 0:38:12 Stefan got recognized because of his (podcast) voice.

  • 0:39:11 Talk: Hacker "Obelix" about recycling plastic used for 3d printers.

  • 0:41:55 Lighting talks. IDE-Buddy, a successor for "Clippy" because real friends suck by trying to give useful advice. Open-Source Age-of-empires clone.

  • 0:44:55 midnight talk: "Fnorjd Jahresrückblick show", looking back at relevant stuff for chaos computer club hackers

  • 0:47:10 "methodisch inkorrekt" live podcast show at 32c3, very big audience from midnight until 3.00 a.m. 32c3 is filled with hackers night and day.

  • 0:49:37 talk: open alternatives to social networks. Too many fragmented, incompatible networks. "The federation" - interconnected social networks.

  • 0:51:56 32c3 talk about social graphs: the russian tsarist secret police used social graphs. Note: we recorded another session at the last day ov 32c3 but it somehow is missing

  • 0:54:04 social engeneering: fre seats in the first row

  • 0:54:31 32c3 last day: zombie day

  • 1:06:20 INTERVIEW: Phillip, a 32c3 first-time visitor from the Netherlands. Compare with Defcon in Las Vegas. Talk about net_neutrality in Europe from Thomas Lohninger. Keynote. Stasi.

  • 1:18:28 INTERVIEW: Comic artist Pantalon about drawing comics at the 32c3 comic assembly table. About watching talks online while sitting in a talk and joining a party inside a party in the 32ce lounge. Pantalon talks about his work-life, his art and doing art for relaxation and fun.

Extra content, not included in this podcast:


The youtube description has timestamps and content description, but there exist no meaningful caption. All we have until now is the auto-generated caption from youtube. Sadly, it is more or less useless. If you want to help:

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