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Title: international open podcast episode 003 Date: 2016-01-11 16:45 Modified: 2016-02-05 08:07 tags: report, conference Slug: 2016-01-10-internationalopenpodcast_episode_003 status: published Ogg: ICBM: 55.755826, 37.6173 GeoRegion: RU GeoPlacename: Moscow GeoPosition: 55.755826; 37.6173 Authors: BREEN Derek, BONDARENKO Sergey Summarytext: Episode 003 of the international open podcast: Derek BREEN talks in Moscow with historian Sergey BONDARENKO Summary:

Episode 003 of the international open podcast: Derek BREEN talks in Moscow with historian Sergey BONDARENKO



Sergey Bondarenko


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International Open Podcast episode 003

Episode 003 of the international open podcast: Derek BREEN chats in Moscow with historian Sergei BONDARENKO about Memorial organisation, russian podcasts and conferences, open source translation, volunteer work for refugees in Russia. Dereks speak about his wild life a long time ago, between battleships, Desert storm and income-sharing communes in the USA.

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technical note: Please turn up the volume while listening. The podcast has no background noise but sometimes low voice volume.

  • 0:00:00 intro (Horst)
  • 0:00:15 introduction from Derek, russian Beer (czec Kozel and Baltica)
  • 0:00:40 Beer opening sound, how russians are influenced by american movies
  • 0:02:40 Derek explains how he has met Sergei. Talk about microphone.
  • 0:04:48 Sergei explains his background working with organisation Memorial, dissidents in the soviet Brezhnev-era. Sergei speaks about "insults" but possibly means "infarcts" (stroke)
  • 0:07:13 Derek (ex u.s. navy sailor) confesses that all he knows about the Soviet-Afghanistan Wars was from Rambo movies. Sergei recommend the "Noga" movie about this era. About medical situation of war veterans. Coping with mental post-war problems for veterans.
  • 0:10:56 Derek talks about his own Desert storm post traumatic stress situations and about changing advices of medical experts about how to deal with post traumatic stress. Sergei talks about how russian war veterans deal with trauma.
  • 0:13:50 russian author Shalamov. Short stories "The Kolyma tales" (?)
  • 0:14:45 Memorial exibition time and place: beginning feb-march 2016. theme "to live or to write"
  • 0:15:50 Sergei was invited to a conference in Vienna "Mapping Memories", but could not make it. About watching recorded conference sessions. Memorial Youtube Channel.
  • 0:20:00 Talk about conferences in general. Is going to conferences worth the time and money? Sergei found most conferences of historians in russia more or less useless. Good conferences in European University in St. Petersburg called "Constructing Soviet"
  • 0:20:00 Sergei's sport project: Bob Edelman, historian from Brooklyn, writes stories about soviet sport history. Book "Spartak Moscow, history of the people's team in the worker's state". Sergei works for open translation of Edelman's book. Open Source translations! Sergei's blog:
  • 0:29:34 Sergei about sport historians worldwide. Sport was one of the few spontanious cultural events in Stalin era.
  • 0:31:03 Sergei and Derek talk about the book "fever pitch", most liked by Bob Edelman. Film and book "High fidelity"
  • 0:35:64 Derek talks about his hippie commune days, favorite books and a highschool crush he had back than reading Dereks piece about McSweeneys. "Believer magazine". About reading and writing about books.
  • 0:39:34 Sergeis fav books websites: colta. Derek recommend "Raise of the amateurs" and zines. How good "Wired" was once and no longer is now.
  • 0:44:15 The (lost) sense of wonder about progress, the "What if" section in old marvel comics.
  • 0:47:00 Sergei about volunteer work in a Moscow refugee center, working with refugees children (from Cecenya, Syria, Ethopia), helping them into the russian school system. Sergei volunteers as a historical teacher. Refugees ending up in Russia but wanting to go to Europe. How hard it is for refugees to learn the Russian language. Problems to find finance and place to teach refugees.
  • 0:55:10 How to become a volunteer: By trying to impress a girl!
  • 0:58:10 This seems to be a pause, recorded by accident. please forward to 1:05:35. (recorded in pause?) Language in refugee centers. Derek is typing in his laptop and ranting about facebook. Social pressure to be in Facebook in russia. "High castle" alternative history tv series.
  • 1:05:35 Derek talks about his life: loving the film "hair", being alternative and sailing in a U.S. Battleship during "Desert Storm" reading cool magazines. About solidiers wanting to "see action" after all the training. Derek's becoming oppose to war while inside the battleship. Derek talks about his learning of a "commune": Federation of Gaians communities. "Intentional community" and "eco village" while still on the battleship.
  • 1:16:36 Derek goes community-shopping by catalog: Egalitarian, income-sharing, non-violence, resource sharing. Derek's post-war medical problems. Derek lost his mind (literally). Inside veteran hospital. Medical discharge. Lennin Bruce example of how become crazy to get out of the navy. 6-year duty time as fire control technician in the navy, Not really free college afterward. The wrong myth of "G.I. money".
  • 1:21:00 Derek got to college only because he was in a war. Veteran sholarship, leaprogging between communes. The time of optional clothing. Commune - conference. Driving around the country. Derek met good friends for life during his commune time.
  • 1:28:28 Derek visit several communes in the 90's and find his perfect community. He goes to Boston to college instead of staying in the community. Derek's about going to college later.
  • 1:31:31 Derek becomes a digital native end of the 90, doing digital music processing. Starting teaching, Web design, producing education tv shows.
  • 1:33:20 9/11 cancels Dereks educational tv show. Book "is it utopia yet". Derek falls in love again with a community (2003). 3-week visiting period for joining a commune. Membership approval questions and process.
  • 1:37:00 trial period for new commune members before getting full (voting) rights.
  • 1:39:20 Sergei talks about his time in a Kibbuz in Israel. Sergei's cousin time in the Israel navy.
  • 1:44:44 Derek dreams back about the fantastic food in the commune and his ideal weight back then. About being guest in a commune and the social pressure of having to work there.
  • 1:48:12 Why Derek left the commune: working harder than in the navy for 76$/month. Seeing co-workers not working hard but making demands. Doing low-paid manual work in the commune to sell for international companies. Selling hammocks. Out-sourcing work to other communities and "satellites". Wargames about firing tomahawk missles.
  • 1:58:42 Dereks past: wifeless and moneyless in a commune, leaving the commune
  • 2:04:46 Derek about maternal leave in U.S. and communes policy toward women/parents with children.
  • 2:10:17 Sergies podcasting plans with his brand new microphone.
  • 2:13:00 Fantasy film game for cinema nerds. More podcast (game) ideas

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