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a game written in pygame were 2 players (black & white) battle over the control of fields
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schwarzweiss readme file

schwarzweiss is a German word meaning "blackwhite". The schwarzweiss 
game is written in python (2.7) 
and pygame (1.9.1) and tested on Linux (Ubuntu 11.04) and Windows XP.

=== game homepage ===

=== installation ===

install python2.7 from for your Operation System. 
You can try out newer or older version of python at your own risk. 

install pygame1.9.1 for your python verson from 
for your Operation System. 
You can try out newer or older versions of pygame at your own risk.

make sure you have the file in your folder and in this
 folder the subfolder data with the soundfiles.

start the game by typing


or by launching it with another mehtod (double-clicking etc.)

Note for Ubuntu users:
you can install python and pygame using Software Center, synaptic
sudo apt-get install python 
sudo apt-get install python-pygame

Note for Windows users:
Make sure you take python2.x (2.6, 2.7 etc).
Make sure you install pygame correctly 
If you manage to open a terminal, you must type: 

it is probably less complicated to open with your
python editor (idle), or by double-clicking.
Also the readme file is not displayed correctly if you open it with 
notepad. Try to open it using a better text editor.

Note for Mac users:
I can not test at the moment but usually if you manage to install
python2.x and pygame correctly you should be able to run the game.
try double-clicking , 
the MacOS should launch python or idle to start it.
Please report your findigs to:
so that i can update this readme.

=== how to play ===

In the 2-player game "schwarzweiss", each player control a tank (white 
tank on the left border, black tank on the right border) and can move
 the tank up / down as well as rotate the tank turret (using keys).

Between the tanks is a big field created out of rectangular tiles 
(fields), each with a grey color. By shooting over those tiles, each
tile will slowly change it's color to eithere black or white, 
depending on who is shooting. 

The goal of the game is to switch more then 50% of all tiles to the 
color of your own tank.

To make the game more interesting (and hopefully, a bit tactical), 
slow-moving neutral tanks roam over the playfield, 
reflecting all shots and shooting back.

energy management: 
  shooting, rotating and moving cost energy.
  waiting, hitting fields and hitting tanks gains energy.

Please see newest instructions, bug notices etc at the game hompepage:

newest verison on Github:

=== customizing ===

you can customzie the game by changing the values in the game menu
or by changing values inside the class Config of the file (inside the folder data). 

=== license ===

This game is GPL licensed and thus free to copy, distribute and modify. 
You can do whatever you want with it, as long as the game and the
derived work remain free.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program.  If not, see <>.

the ezmenu from pymike is licensed under lgpl

=== author ===

Horst JENS

Ezmenu form Pymike (

=== download ===
you should find the latest information and download links at this site:

=== support ===
I would be very pleased to hear your opinion about this game.


You can also post your opinion about the game in ThePythonGameBook's 
facebook page:

If you want to send money, this game has it's own flattr button:

There is also a paypal button at the game's homepage.

==== note about reddit game jam ====
the schwarzweiss game was first developed for another gamejam in 
Vienna's Metalab (11/2010). Since 1-2011 the game was public on my site
See the screenshots and background story at
for more information.

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