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Simple Pluggable Cocoa Inline REPL
Objective-C C Lua Shell JavaScript Python
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Notebook 0.1.1

Notebook combines the instant interactivity of a REPL with the graphical polish of Cocoa to bring you the best way to both learn and rapidly use many programming languages.


Notebook includes a plugin system to add support for a variety of languages. By default, it includes plugins for:

  • Python
  • Ruby


Use Scons to build Notebook: just type "scons" at the prompt ("sudo easy_install scons" if it's not already installed).

The resulting application will be located at Build/Notebook/


Notebook is distributed under the two-clause BSD license, which can be found in its entirety in includes the names of all contributors of code.


The source code for Notebook is available at:

Or, clone it directly using Git:

git clone git://
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