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Data Tutorials

Hortonworks created Data Tutorials out of inspiration from the open source community for people can come together to learn Big Data through practical step-by-step tutorials. Tutorials housed here are targetted at people of all skill levels.

Tutorials are developed and maintained on Github and published onto the Hortonworks site.

New To Big Data And Want To Learn?

Begin your journey by browsing the tutorials directory of this Git repository, or head on over to the recommended starting tutorial on the Hortonworks site.

Running Into Issues With Tutorials?

If you run into problems that prevent you from completing a tutorial, head on over to Hortonworks Community Connection (HCC). Plenty of people from the open source community are willing to lend a helping hand!

If you are certain there is an issue with the tutorial, please create a new issue on Github and we will do our best to resolve it!

Interested In Contributing Updates Or New Tutorials?

Fix issues, help clarify topics, update a tutorial to be compatible with newest releases, or even create a brand new tutorial!

If you'd rather simply suggest changes or fixes to make, or have an idea for a new tutorial you'd like to see, feel free to create a new issue and a community member will check it out.

Looking to Write an HCC Article?

Follow our guide to develop an HCC article using markdown, letting our scripts do some of the heavy lifting for you.

Already a Repo Committer?

Check out our guide for updating the repository with the community's latest changes: