Deploys and manages applications within a YARN cluster


Hoya is a YARN application to deploy existing distributed applications on YARN, monitor them and make them larger or smaller as desired -even while the cluster is running.

Hoya has a plug-in provider architecture to support different applications, and currently supports Apache HBase and Apache Accumulo.

Clusters can be stopped, "frozen" and restarted, "thawed" later; the distribution of the deployed application across the YARN cluster is persisted -enabling a best-effort placement close to the previous locations on a cluster thaw. Applications which remember the previous placement of data (such as HBase) can exhibit fast start-up times from this feature.

YARN itself monitors the health of 'YARN containers" hosting parts of the deployed application -it notifies the Hoya manager application of container failure. Hoya then asks YARN for a new container, into which Hoya deploys a replacement for the failed component. As a result, Hoya can keep the size of managed applications consistent with the specified configuration, even in the face of failures of servers in the cluster -as well as parts of the application itself

Using Hoya

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