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Embark x ΞVTX | Embark template showcasing ethvtx's features
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Embark x ΞVTX

This is an Embark template showcasing the features of ethvtx.

ethvtx is an Ethereum-ready Dapp Redux store. It will manage all the data and interactions between your user and the Ethereum Blockchain and is perfectly suited for React Dapps.


embark ethvtx
4.1.0-beta.0 2.0.6

Run the app

embark run

Be sure to import the correct accounts into your Wallet Manager (Metamask, Mist) to be able to run the transactions.

embark will run the test chain, deploy the contracts, build and serve the application.


Can be found here !

Showcased Key Features


  • Easy store creation, should speak to any Redux user: here
  • Full customization of ethvtx: here


  • Easily broadcast transactions: here
  • Fetch informations from any other transactions: here
  • Recover informations and status from followed transactions: here

Smart Contracts

  • Recover constant data, with smart and dynamic value refresh: here
  • Broadcast transaction method calls, and have them followed by the store: here
  • Catch EVM Events emitted by your smart contracts: here


  • Follow addresses for balances and transaction counts: here
  • Recover informations from followed addresses: here
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