Make your mailbox smart with Sigfox, get push notifications on your phone
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SmailBox - Sigfox powered mailbox


Tired of checking your mailbox every day? Upgrade it to the next level and get push notifications every time you have got a mail.

This is very simple demo, planed improvements:

  • Optimize power consumption
  • Send notification when someone open the mailbox so you don't need to check it
  • Use NFC on SmartEverything to identify who collects the mails (wife, son, daughter, dog:) - NFC tag on keyring
  • Add Sketch for Akeru or other boards
  • Ideally create small Arduino based hw prototype to be build in into mailbox for years:)


Getting the parts

  • 1 SmartEverything board (
  • 1 Snap action switch (but you can use reed switch, tilt sensor, optical gate - depends on construction of your mailbox)
  • 1 100 Ω resistor
  • (Optional) 50g of InstaMorph/ShapePlast (same thing different names) to fix the switch in right position. My old plain mailbox is build in "wall of mailboxes" for whole house and there is lack of options how to fix the switch without damaging the other ones. If you are lucky and have just your own, definitely choose some more robust way.

PushOver'You've got mail snr: {snr}'

For more options/parameters check


Sigfox callback


Its really simple, just snap action switch and the pull down resistor fritzing diagram


Pushover app