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Tool for fast and lightweight vizualization of metadynamic results
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Metadyn View


Metadyn View is a fast and user friendly viewer of bias potential/free energy surfaces calculated by metadynamics in Plumed package. It is based on modern web technologies including HTML5, Javascript and Cascade Style Sheets (CSS). It can be used by visiting the web site and uploading a HILLS file. It calculates the bias potential/free energy surface on the client-side, so it can run online or offline without necessity to install additional web engines. Moreover, it includes tools for measurement of free energies and free energy differences and data/image export. INSTALL

Metadyn View can be used as a online web tool on or as a offline version after being downloaded and unziped. The offline version can be run by opening index.html file in any modern browser. More info, how to use the program can be found in section How to use it in a left panel of the program ( More info for developers, who want to modify the program to fulfill their need, is also located in the left panel ( LICENCE

The program is licensed under GNU Public Licence v.3. Several libraries used in the program have different licences (see section Javascript Licences in the left panel or AUTHORS

Program was written completely by Petr Hošek at UCT Prague in 2014-2015 ACKNOWLEDGMENT

The project was supported by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (COST action GLISTEN, CM1207, LD14133, Specific University Research MSMT No. 20/2014, 21/2014 and 20/2015) and Czech Science Foundation (15-17269S). Computational resources were provided by the MetaCentrum under the program LM2010005 and the CERIT-SC under the program Centre CERIT Scientific Cloud, part of the Operational Program Research and Development for Innovations, Reg. no. CZ.1.05/3.2.00/08.0144. Future maintenance will be supported by ELIXIR Czech Republic.

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