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Yet another version of the MVC Music Store, with dependency injection (Unity), Logging (Log4Net) and various adjustments to design along the way.
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Yet another version of the MVC Music Store

Why this version?

  • The example was lacking a dependency injection framework
  • The example was lacking a logging library
  • The example was creating a less than ideal architecture and needed to be cleaned up (WIP)

What's different

  • added dependency injection (Unity)
  • added Logging library (Log4Net)
  • configured a instrumentation friendly log pattern
  • configured interception to allow for instrumentation at the object call level
  • configured an instrumentation filter at the controller level to instrument that tier


  • Properly architect the tiers in the app (ie, add a real service layer)
  • Bring app up to the latest EF framework and best practices
  • Convert to SPA UI
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