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A sample Spring-based application - Instrumented
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Spring PetClinic Sample Application - Instrumented

Why this fork?

  • The goal of this fork is to demonstrate how to instrument an application using aspect-oriented programming techniques in concert with logging context and output patterns.
  • The Spring PetClinic is the de-facto reference application for Spring, and I am just taking advantage of it being in a build-able, runnable state.
  • Hopefully this "makeover" shows how you can quickly create highly instrumented applications without interfering (much) with your existing codebase

What is different?


  • A new Aspect was introduced which provided time tracing for certain classes and methods
  • This Aspect takes advantage of the object proxy the Spring DI container provides, to perform "before and after" logic that is then logged.


  • A new attribute (@Instrumentable) was introduced as a Marker to indicate what classes and/or methods were to be instrumented.


  • A new interceptor was introduced to set vital context based on incoming Web requests.

Logging and MDC

  • System.out calls were replaced with proper logging (SLF4J + Logback) calls.
  • Log Patterns were introduced in the log configuration
  • Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC) was leveraged to set context when required (see Interceptors) and write context with all subsequent downstream calls.


  • A simple Spring Security integration was created in order to demonstrate the utility of having the Principal in the log context

Understanding the Spring Petclinic application with a few diagrams

See the presentation here

Running petclinic locally

	git clone
	mvn tomcat7:run

You can then access petclinic here: http://localhost:9966/petclinic/

In case you find a bug/suggested improvement for Spring Petclinic

Our issue tracker is available here:

Working with Petclinic in Eclipse/STS


The following items should be installed in your system:

Note: when m2e is available, there is an m2 icon in Help -> About dialog. If m2e is not there, just follow the install process here:


  1. In the command line
git clone
  1. Inside Eclipse
File -> Import -> Maven -> Existing Maven project

Looking for something in particular?

Inside the 'Web' layerFiles
Spring MVC- Atom integration mvc-view-config.xml
Spring MVC - XML integration mvc-view-config.xml
Spring MVC - ContentNegotiatingViewResolver mvc-view-config.xml
Spring MVC Test Framework
JSP custom tags WEB-INF/tags createOrUpdateOwnerForm.jsp
webjars webjars declaration inside pom.xml
Resource mapping in Spring configuration
sample usage in JSP
Dandelion-datatables ownersList.jsp vetList.jsp web.xml
Thymeleaf branch See here
Branch using GemFire and Spring Data GemFire instead of ehcache (thanks Bijoy Choudhury) See here
'Service' and 'Repository' layersFiles
Transactions business-config.xml
Cache tools-config.xml
Bean Profiles business-config.xml web.xml
JdbcTemplate business-config.xml jdbc folder
JPA business-config.xml jpa folder
Spring Data JPA business-config.xml springdatajpa folder
Gradle branch See here

Interaction with other open source projects

One of the best parts about working on the Spring Petclinic application is that we have the opportunity to work in direct contact with many Open Source projects. We found some bugs/suggested improvements on various topics such as Spring, Spring Data, Bean Validation and even Eclipse! In many cases, they've been fixed/implemented in just a few days. Here is a list of them:

Name Issue
Spring JDBC: simplify usage of NamedParameterJdbcTemplate SPR-10256 and SPR-10257
Bean Validation / Hibernate Validator: simplify Maven dependencies and backward compatibility HV-790 and HV-792
Spring Data: provide more flexibility when working with JPQL queries DATAJPA-292
Eclipse: validation bug when working with .tag/.tagx files STS-3294
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