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Extremely simple static site generator designed to render some markdown files and copy your static stuff to an output directory. Looks for markdown files (with ".md" extensions) in the source dir, renders them to html in the output dir, copying any other files it finds.

The default style is commodore 64 themed! Yay!

Uses jinja2 templates to handle the rendering.

Check it out in action at

Reqires jinja2, Markdown, and watchdog. Should work fine in python 2 or 3

To get it running, first make sure you have the dependencies:

sudo pip install jinja2 Markdown watchdog

Then either build the static files or run the development server (which will build and serve the static files):

$ python -h
usage: [-h] [-d] [-p PORT] [-t TEMPLATE_DIR] [in_path] [out_path]

positional arguments:
  in_path               input directory
  out_path              output directory

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -d, --dev-server      Run dev server instead of just generating output
  -p PORT, --port PORT  port for dev server
  -t TEMPLATE_DIR, --template-dir TEMPLATE_DIR
                        Directory to find templates
#run development server on port 8080 with default input and output dirs
$ python -d -p 8080 has the following defaults:

  • in_path: 'source'
  • out_path: 'output'
  • port: 8000
  • template_dir: 'templates'

You have a little control over how the file gets output, you can use markdown metadata to set the title and menu name, as well as selecting a per-markdown-file template to use for output. The output name of the file will be a slug-ified version of the filename with the extension changed to ".html", for example "Your" -> "Your-File.html". When writing intra-site links, you should link to the output filename.

title: The title of the page
menu: The text you'd like to appear in the menu for this page.  Defaults to the title.
template: defaults to 'default.html'

I like to Commodore-ize my images with imagemagick for a more seamless experience:

convert in.jpg -scale 200x200 -monochrome -fill '#A5A5FF' -opaque white -fill '#4242E7' -opaque black  out.jpg