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HospitalRun Frontend

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React frontend for HospitalRun: free software for developing world hospitals.

Are you a user? If yes...

Visit this page for general information on the HospitalRun application including:

  • How can I deploy 1.0.0-beta?
  • Where do I report a bug or request a feature?
  • How can I contribute? (There are several other ways besides coding)
  • What is the project structure?
  • What is the application infrastructure?
  • Who is behind HospitalRun? etc.

Would you like to contribute? If yes...

Get started by checking out the Frontend Contributing Guide for:

  • What's the tech stack?
  • Where can I become familiar with the technologies?
  • Where do I browse issues?
  • How do I set up my local environment?
  • How do I run tests locally?
  • How do I submit my changes?
  • etc.


Released under the MIT license.