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Scripts for computing QoE metrics.
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Scripts for computing QoE metrics for given data sets are provided in this repository.

The metrics are described and discussed in the following peer-reviewed journal article [1]. A formal definition of the QoE metrics is available in the technical report [2] which is available in arXiv cs.MM and in this repository.

[1] "QoE Beyond the MOS: An In-Depth Look at QoE via Better Metrics and their Relation to MOS" by Tobias Hoßfeld, Poul E. Heegaard, Martín Varela, Sebastian Möller. Springer journal 'Quality and User Experience', 2016

[2] "Formal Definition of QoE Metrics" by Tobias Hoßfeld, Poul E. Heegaard, Martín Varela, Sebastian Möller. Technical Report, arXiv:1607.00321 [cs.MM]. Online:

Description of Files

QoEmetrics.m : Main file for computing QoE metrics. Please check the help 'doc QoEmetrics'

exampleDiscreteRating.m: An example of user ratings given as matrix in the file 'discreteRatings.csv'. A 5-point rating scale is used (low=1, high=5). The (artificial) data set contains ratings from 50 subjects who are rating 30 test conditions. The distribution of user ratings for all test conditions is plotted as stacked bar plot using the colorscheme 'reggae.m'.

exampleContinousRating.m: An example of QoE ratings using a continuous rating scale is provided. The data set is given as matrix 'continuousRatings.csv'. A subset of the data is provided in 'continuousRatingsWithGroups.csv' as vector with a grouping variable.

qoeValues = csvread('continuousRatings.csv'); [stat,p]=QoEmetrics(qoeValues);

M = csvread('continuousRatingsWithGroups.csv'); qoeValues=M(:,2); groups=M(:,1); [stat,p]=QoEmetrics(qoeValues,groups);

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